Food is one of the critical factors that makes or breaks a holiday meal, whether it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner. We, as a host, all want to be able to impress our friends and families while at the same time being able to serve quality delicacies with a reasonable price point and a wide selection of menu.

Through Passion Made Possible, we will be featuring eight female-owned food brands who all have their unique point of view in the industry. Keep in mind that these brands all started out with their love for food!

Cuore Cuisine

Starting the list off with Cuore Cuisine. It is a brand that offers you all things pasta! There is not one single person who can say no to a good bowl of pasta served in the comfort of your home. With Cuore Cuisine, you can tick off one of the most tedious parts of party planning: your food menu as they serve you a variety of pasta wherein you can surely find your favorite kind!

Jam Foods & Co.

Instagram: @jamfoods

Website: www.jamfoodsph.com

Jam Foods is here to serve your holiday meals as they offer a wide selection of meat from their famous Angus Beef Tapa to their Certified Angus Beef Rib Eye. One can choose to elevate their holiday meals based on their cravings of the day! As meat is one of the essential centerpieces in a holiday get-together, Jam Foods & Co. is here to help you tick one thing off your Christmas checklist.

Hola Tita MNL

Instagram: @holatitamnl

Hola Tita features all things sangria as they give you a hint of all things fruity. As drinks can often be a palette cleanser, Hola Tita is a brand you should consider this Christmas, as we all would want to have our fancy meals paired with the perfect classy yet simple drink at the most reasonable price.

Guiltless Munchies

Who else can relate when we say stress eating? Don’t worry! We got you as we know for a fact that the holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year. Guiltless Munchies is a Palawan-based shop that, from their brand name, serves you all things guiltless as they offer you Palaweño mushroom chips that consist of all different flavors. Your all-time favorite snacks will definitely change once you try out Guiltless Munchies.

DOSE Bottled Cocktails

If you are looking forward to your holiday get-togethers, then DOSE Bottled Cocktails is a store that you would want to check out when doing your Christmas shopping. DOSE Bottled Cocktails, from the brand name itself, serve you all things cocktails! One would be impressed with their catalog as it is a brand that is uniquely perfect for the holidays. If you love having fruity and tasteful beverages, then DOSE Bottled Cocktails is a brand you should consider for your holidays.

Palawan Local Market

Palawan Local Market serves you all of Palawan in the comfort of one store, whether it be online or offline shopping. From roasted cashew nuts to green honey, they provide you with all things Palaweño! As Christmas is fast approaching, what better way to celebrate the holiday season than by supporting our local community. Palawan Local Market is the best shop as they feature a variety of local goods that you and your friends can try out this holiday season.

Hey Got Milk

Instagram: @hey.gotmilk

Hey Got Milk, a shop based in Pampanga, offers you a wide assortment of sweets that are perfect for the holidays! From their selection of milk tea to their signature desserts, one can assure that their sweet cravings will be satisfied with Hey Got Milk.

Bad Cafe

For all the coffee fanatics out there, we have a shop that will catch your attention! Bad Cafe, a coffee shop based in Legazpi Street, Makati City, brings you a selection of signature coffees based on your personal preference. Whether you are into drinking cold brew or lattes, Bad Cafe has got you when it comes to your caffeine needs.

In conclusion, as we offer you 8 Female-Owned food brands through Passion Made Possible, one will find a shop that is irresistibly right up their alley and would love to support this holiday season. Choose to spend your holidays with the people considered family complimented with food that would build great memories that will last for a lifetime.

If you are interested in checking out their specific brands and menu, give them a visit on their Instagram accounts or check out their websites if possible. Happy holiday planning!

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