Single Motherhood: When You’re the Mom, but Also the Dad

Last Father’s Day, I came across this article from The Guardian. It was written by a mother who, like my own, is a single one. A good part of the essay was dedicated to narrating her journey from conception to birth, yet the most striking part for me was found at the...

What is the Black and White Photo Challenge Really About?

TRIGGER WARNING: The article contains mentions of violence, harassment, and abuse that may be triggering to some readers. If you’re active on Instagram you may have noticed that your female friends, relatives, and coworkers may be posting a black and white photo of...

Here Are 4 Facebook Groups to Help You Boost Your Business

This quarantine has been going on for nearly four months, and the end of it isn’t in sight. Businesses and establishments have closed down, leaving many jobless and aimless at home. In response to this, there has been a sudden rise in the number of online businesses....

Scoop Life

Scoop Bite

Music Recs With (So Much) Context

Music Recs With (So Much) Context

Ever wondered what The Killers’ 2003 hit Mr. Brightside would sound like if you’re in the bathroom in the middle of a party? Maybe you’ve wondered what Joji’s Dancing in the Dark would sound like if you’re underwater? The answer could be yes or no, but either way,...

The High Demand Skills of 2020

The High Demand Skills of 2020

We are in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution. Companies now value people skills, soft skills, and technological skills. As career women, gaining access to knowing what these specific skills are and where to learn them can make or break the progress of our...

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