Baked Unlike Any Other: Baked by Feliz

For a good portion of my life, I’ve lived off pastries from the typical coffee shops. I’ve probably had a double-chocolate fudge brownie or a small-but-overpriced cheesecake here and there, but nothing encapsulates my coffee shop pastry experience like a cinnamon...

Meet Flavored: Your Online One-Stop Shop

COVID-19 has changed our lives. In the past four months, we’ve been getting used to wearing face masks, practicing social distancing, and doing almost everything from home. In comes the new normal of the food industry. It’s not that easy to have your favorite girls...

Love, Quinch: Love Letters in a Cupcake

In all of its cream-frosted and gold-leafed glory, Love, Quinch is run by 23-year-old Quincherville Villaneuva, a pastry chef who bakes delicious treats from her home in Quezon City. With its edible decorations and aesthetic branding, it definitely succeeds in...

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The Four Waves of Feminism

The Four Waves of Feminism

One thing’s for sure: feminism is here to stay. However, our era of feminism is built on the progress achieved by the generations of women who came before us. The movement started at a time when the rights of a woman — let alone what the definition of a woman is —...

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