About the Campaign

Understanding yourself and your body is a way to empower yourself. As society grows and expands its perspectives, it is important that we foster positivity when it comes to conversations around sexual and reproductive health.

Girls on top is a campaign by The Scoop Asia where we aim to talk about sex positivity and wellness through real stories from real women.

Let’s talk about sex

Girls on Top: Taking Back Our Power


Last September 30, 2022, we created a safe space for women to speak about their experiences with sexual and reproductive health.

We are grateful to everyone who joined and supported this campaign.

We hope to see you all again!

from the Women on Top

Gianina Czareena “Ninai” Chavez

on Menstrual Equity, Health, and Visibility in the Philippines

“Not all women menstruate, and Not all those who menstruate are women.”

Christa Vega

on Consent and How That Inspired #SecretNudes

“Consent continues to unlock conversations. Including the ones we are too afraid to have.”

Sex for First timers: 4 Tips and Tricks

Sex for First timers: 4 Tips and Tricks

Growing up, you might’ve always heard about sex. You know that it’s a sexual activity that two people engage in when they feel comfortable doing so, but you don’t actually know what it’s like. Maybe now you’re just curious about sex, or you’ve decided to have...

Let’s Get Frisky! The Lowdown on Online Dating

Let’s Get Frisky! The Lowdown on Online Dating

Let’s talk about online dating apps. Either you’ve heard horror stories, or experienced them yourself. Nowadays, whether we’re in search of romance, casual sex, or friendship, dating apps have become a common way to connect with people. With the kind of fast-paced...

Is It That Time of the Month? Let’s Talk About It. Period.

Is It That Time of the Month? Let’s Talk About It. Period.

It’s that time of the month! No, not the holidays. Or summer vacation. It’s that thing. You know, the monthly visitor who comes to town wherever and whenever it pleases. It’s never a fun time when they’re around. That thing we’re referring to is menstruation, or...

Your Safe Space

Read on for some entries sent in by our fellow ladies. 

I recently found friends who I can talk about sex stuff and etc comfortably. I’m so so glad I have them now, we’re free to talk and share about anything and no one will judge. I realized it’s so important to have a support group for this sex talks

“I firmly believe that parents should be educating us, children, about sexual health. If not them, this should be a program in school. It’s just as important as physical health. They can’t stop us from exploring anyway, so why not help us be safe. We don’t talk about this enough”

“Don’t be afraid to play with yourselves ladies! I enjoy explorations because it allows me to discover what turns me on at my own pace. If you’re a visual person, riding your vibrator in front of a mirror does WONDERS for the big O ? have fun and love yourself through it all!”

When i first got my period, i was in denial that i walked around letting it drip until my parents saw me ?”

“…Please don’t shame me, but during that moment I just thought. *Fine, whatever. I’ll just do it for the sake of experience.* and get on with it already. Because I’m feeling super annoyed than horny or whatever, that I got tricked into this situation. It was a very underwhelming experience to be honest. He wasn’t even much of a gentleman. He went out for smoke right after we did it. And I got left in the room contemplating my life, 8What the hell. I lost my first to a guy like that and a situation like this? Damn. Crazy”

Got something to share?

Do you have sexual and reproductive health encounters and secrets? You don’t have to keep it a secret!

Share it anonynmously, it might help another lady out there!

Campaign Parters

Big props to modern and innovative local brands that give regard to women’s sexual reproductive health and wellness. Here’s to moving forward and breaking the stigma!

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