Do you often catch yourself holding a fork while watching your favorite series on Netflix? Or do you ever catch yourself having difficulty concentrating on work when you have nothing to chew on?

Stress causes a handful of people to ignore their hunger cues and abstain from eating for long periods of time, however for the other handful of  people, stress turns them into emotional eaters who mindlessly munch

So don’t be hard on yourself for standing up every half an hour or so and walking to the pantry to find something to munch on while your brain is currently on overdrive––instead, play it smart. 

Going Nuts PH offers Cashew Brittles and Roasted Cashews, locally-sourced from Palawan. 

That’s right. You can munch away while working or even while streaming your series/movie of choice without thinking about your waistline. Going Nuts PH is all-organic and is sure to help you stay focused on your current tasks. 

Other than the fact that these products are, safe to say, healthy, they are also produced by Palawan Local Market, whose initiative is to support local farmers, producers, and small businesses in Palawan. That means purchasing a pack of Cashew Brittles or Roasted Cashews from Going Nuts PH will not only help your health while you mindlessly munch, but will also help local workers from the island of Palawan. 

It’s a win-win situation if you ask us. 

In addition, nuts are not only extremely versatile, but they are also a nutritional powerhouse. Containing a good amount of levels of unsaturated fatty acids, they may help reduce bad cholesterol levels. It would also be good to add that nuts contain minerals, a variety of vitamins, fiber, and protein.

Waste no time. Head over to www.palawanlocalmarket.com and stock up on healthy munchies. Going Nuts PH is also available for purchase at Flavored PH, another e-commerce website, which you may visit at www.flavored.ph. Your work tasks and Netflix saved items are waiting for you (so is your Palawan Local Market and Flavored PH online cart). 

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