*Although based in Davao, Dose currently does not serve or sell in the city of Davao due to the imposed liquor ban, however, all bottles are still available for ordering in Metro Manila.

A cocktail: An alcoholic mixed beverage.
A cocktail from Dose: An alcoholic beverage that has a unique story to tell.

Dose: your new and unique brand of cocktails that not only has out-of-the-ordinary flavors for you to try, but delivers bottles of your preferred flavors right to your doorstep. 

A hot summer afternoon would be the perfect day to walk over to your local bar and order a cold, refreshing cocktail. But who would want to walk into a crowded bar amidst this pandemic? Not to mention, a basic and cliche cocktail just isn’t worth the risk of stepping out of the comfort of our homes anymore–this is where Dose comes in. 

Taryn Navarro, the founder of Dose, always craves for unique experiences, and wanted to recreate the experience she had with drinking cocktails when she was in Manila. Each flavor has a story to tell, which is what makes Dose unique. 

One of Dose’s most popular drinks, the Elderflower Red Sangria, is perfect for when you’re feeling upbeat and festy, and are craving for something refreshing. The Elderflower Red Sangria comes in a beautiful bottle, together with dried Citrus and Rosemary Garnish. 

Photo Grabbed from Dose’s Instagram (@drinkwithdose)

All Dose drinks come in aesthetic bottles that are sure to make them stand out. 

Even the bottles were very hard to find, but I wanted to maintain the beauty of it.” Navarro says. “I knew that people didn’t just buy the cocktails because they [simply] tasted good, [but] they also bought it because it looked good. It’s something I learned with design–it goes hand in hand with what you’re actually creating.” 

Dose drinks have a lot to do with Navarro’s personality; Dose is fun, strong, unique, and vibrant, just like the brand’s founder. 

One of Dose’s more unique flavors, Hibiscus Rum, would usually raise people’s eyebrows the second they hear the drink’s name. “It’s generally unconventional. I like the curiosity it brings them, but even more with the satisfaction when they get to try it.” Hibiscus Rum is a sweet and strong cocktail that comes with a dried Citrus and Rosemary Garnish, just like all of Dose’s cocktails! 

Photo Grabbed from Dose’s Instagram (@drinkwithdose)

“The best part of running Dose is the tiring Saturdays where my mom, sister, and I mix and pack the orders with a Spotify playlist blasting in the room. I find it very rewarding and fun to be [able to do] what I love, and to be able to share it with others. It’s like a blank canvass–there are so [many] possibilities, but we’ll take it one step at a time.” 

Another cocktail from Dose that would be perfect for your Sunday brunches would be their fruity and refreshing Peach Gin! The Dried Citrus and Rosemary Garnish are an automatic inclusion with the purchase of every bottle, so all you have to worry about is the food you’re going to have alongside this peachy drink! Smoked salmon? Fish and Chips? You decide! 

Photo Grabbed from Dose’s Instagram (@drinkwithdose)

Dose also creates custom cocktails, which can be delivered to people’s doorsteps, just like every other drink on their menu. Their three (3) custom-made drinks are Passion Fruit Margarita, Watermelon Daquiri, and Peach Rose Sangria. 

Dose products do not only come in beautiful bottles, but also in compact boxes that would always include a dried Citrus and Rosemary Garnish; perfect to give away as gifts or even as prizes at company parties.

Tropikal, Dose’s latest product is gin-cocktail that consists of locally-sourced Calamansi, and has a 19.2% Alcohol by Volume, or ABV. What makes Tropikal totally different from Dose’s 3 main cocktails is that it uses locally produced ingredients and (successfully) aims to embody the Filipino taste. The first thing anybody would notice after opening a bottle of Tropikal would be its fruity aroma. The scent of Calamansi is so strong, that you wouldn’t even guess that you were seconds away from consuming an alcoholic drink, however, once that first drop touches your tongue, you know you’re in for that smooth buzz that will ensure you’re in for a good afternoon. 

From an intimate gathering at home, to an outdoor picnic at the park of your choice, Dose is ready to provide you with the perfect and most refreshing drinks that are sure to give you that buzz that you’re definitely looking to feel. 

Available in Metro Manila, Dose is currently ready to receive your orders which can either come from their Dose Reservation Form which is available on their Instagram account (@drinkwithdose), or from Flavored.ph, an e-commerce website that currently also caters to Metro Manila. 

So what are you waiting for? Get a dose of Dose. 

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