Pasta brings everybody comfort to a certain degree, whether it be our childhood favourites such as the classic Mac ‘n’ Cheese and Spaghetti and Meatballs, or pasta that our adult-selves grew to love such as Pasta de Sardine or even Spaghetti with Avocado Sauce. 

To our surprise, we found a brand that gives us the comfort that pasta can provide: PASBO. 

PASBO is a concept that was cooked up by two women in the midst of the pandemic last year. PASBO, which is short for Pasta in a Bowl (we know, we were blown away too), uses only the freshest, most natural ingredients available, and is sure to give you the homemade comfort you’re looking for. Did we mention that PASBO strays away from fillers, additives, MSG, and sugar? Sign us up. 

As of today, PASBO offers a variety of pasta dishes that are sure to feel like a warm hug after a difficult day at work. Consisting of four flavours, their menu starts off with Pasbo’s Bolognese, a tomato-based pasta with 100% grass-fed AUS beef. It’s the kind of bolognese we all know and love, but taken a notch further. 

Personally, I imagine PASBO’s Bolognese’s taste would remind me of the kind of pasta my family would provide during special occasions, such as birthdays and Christmas evenings held at home. Ah, the comfort of home and familiarity. 

Next, PASBO has its special Quattro Amici, a cream-cheese based pasta consisting of cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan, and four-cheese, accompanied by pork; garlic Italian sausage. This is where the red sauce vs white sauce debate comes into play (personally, I will forever be team white sauce). 

(Dear team red sauce: let’s be real. LOOK at that!)

PASBO’s third and fourth pasta dishes are Gamberoni, an oil-based seafood pasta, and last but not the least, their special Toma-Toma, a tomato-based vegetarian pasta (surprise, fellow vegetarians! We have not been forgotten). 

Let’s not forget: PASBO has a brand new item on their menu, the PASBOMBS; soft, freshly baked mini-brioche buns filled with cheddar, topped off with a brush of butter, garlic, and sprinkled with parsley on top. 

PASBO’s PASBOMBS come with the homemade sauce from their Toma-Toma pasta dish, and is best paired with their pasta bowls (but you can also have it as a meal on its own, and we won’t judge). 

Currently, PASBO is in the works of coming up with a special giveaway just for us! Although the mechanics are yet to be announced, we’ll give you a hint on what you’re going to have to do: Happy Fathers’ Day! 

For the meantime, maybe gift your beloved superhero father a bowl from PASBO and give him the healthy carbs he deserves! After all, PASBO dishes are made with only the freshest and most natural ingredients today. 

Order a bowl today, and let us know what you think! 

Order… Pasta (get it? Faster?)!

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