Summer’s just around the corner, ladies! 

Unfortunately, despite travel restrictions loosening up a bit, we all know summer this year’s still going to be different. Remember when all we had to worry about was our budget and deciding on where to go? The sky was the limit. Still, though—the hassle of planning out a trip has always been a tiring aspect of summer, and the questions remain the same; where do we go? Which places are budget-friendly right now? Add in the ultimate question of “which resorts follow health and safety protocols?”

The hassle of just thinking of it all is already a headache—hold on, though. You already know we got you. 

This summer, do yourself a favor and have a hassle-free summer at Port Barton! 

Choosing Port Barton is choosing a safe and hassle-free vacation. The Port Barton Summer Package is an all-in-one packaged trip at Port Barton, San Vicente. 

Spend the night at Besaga Beachfront Bed & Breakfast with drinks ready to welcome you at the resort. A complimentary breakfast will be served in the morning, right before your day-trip to Inaladelan Island Resort

This summer, swim with turtles, snorkel in crystal clear waters and untouched reefs, explore nearby islands, and so many more adventures you’re bound to discover on your own.

Check out the package’s itinerary below: 

The great thing about this package is the hassle-free aspect of it. Everything’s planned out, and everything’s just waiting for you to book the trip and come over. 

Did we mention that health and safety protocols will be the package’s top-priority? 

The island of Palawan is ready to give you the summer that makes up for last year (we know… it sucked for us too). 

The Port Barton Summer Package is inclusive of: 

-2 days and 1 night stay (c/o Besaga Beachfront Bed and Breakfast)

-Welcome drinks (c/o Besaga Beachfront Bed and Breakfast)

-Complimentary breakfast (c/o Besaga Beachfront Bed and Breakfast)

-Day visit at Inaladelan Island Resort 

-Boat transfers (c/o Inaladelan Island Resort)

-Cocktail drinks and lunch (c/o Inaladelan Island Resort)

We don’t know about you, but after everybody’s summer last 2020, cocktail drinks and lunch on the beach sounds absolutely perfect. We can already hear the ocean waves and the sand underneath our toes. 

Check out the official poster of inclusions below: 

Never in your life experienced a trip that wasn’t a headache to plan? You’re about to. 

Book your Port Barton Summer Package trip today, and we’ll see you over here in the beautiful island of Palawan. 

For bookings, send an email to bookings@inaladelanisland.com 

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