Do you ever wonder why some women just look so confident and effortlessly beautiful?  Well, ladies, I think I have cracked the code! It all lies in a person’s well-being. Wasn’t what you expected? Let’s dig in a bit deeper. 

When you feel good, you will inevitably look good. What’s even more amazing is that these two operate in tandem. You look good because you feel good, and you’ll look good if you feel good. You must understand, however, that looking good is not the only way to feel good. If you are content and loving towards yourself, you will begin to appreciate yourself more. You’ll thrive on being the better version of yourself, free of harsh negative thoughts.

To help you start off with this self-care journey, here are 8 female-owned brands that may help you accept and embrace yourself as well as encourage you to invest in your well-being. 

Virago Cosmetics

Virago Cosmetics is an RPG (role-playing game) inspired vegan and cruelty-free make-up brand. Their philosophy is to embrace being unapologetically unique. 

Their first product was a pastel eyeshadow palette called Prologue symbolizing the start of their journey. This palette consists of 8 pastel shades and 1 glitter shade that one can use for a simple everyday look to creative makeup. Their latest product which was released last October 6, 2021, is a collection of multichrome liquid eyeshadows which can shift from different colors depending on the angle and the lighting. Their Prologue Eyeshadow Palette retails for PHP 1,200 while their newest collection, Skins multichrome liquid eyeshadow, retails for PHP 759 and varies depending on how many pieces you would want to get.  

With their unconventional make-up products, they aim to become a platform where anyone can be anything they want to be without any judgment. 

Head over to Virago Cosmetics PH on Facebook and @viragocosmeticsph on Instagram.

Kouti PH

Self-care isn’t always about skin care. Kouti’s mission is to create handmade products that use the aroma of the natural world to help in taking care of oneself – without the idea of applying products directly on your skin or having to create a daily routine. They aim to create a space where their customers feel that they are cared for without heavily relying on products for self-worth. 

With this concept in mind, Kouti created scented wax sachets where you can leave them as it is, hang them anywhere in your house or bedroom, or melt them on your candle burner. Their scented wax sachets are priced at PHP 135 a piece, which lasts 2-3 months after unpacking.

Another one of their best-selling products is their flower tea bath which consists of forget-me-not, butterfly pea, jasmine, calendula flowers, chrysanthemum, rose, lavender buds and coconut milk powder made and sourced locally in the Philippines. Pour this in your bathtub or use it as a warm foot soak for the perfect pamper day. 

For these self-care essentials, don’t hesitate to visit them on Instagram @koutiph

Tangle Angel

When taking care of ourselves, we don’t just stop with our skin. Hair care is one of the factors that we should consider as a form of self-care as it is just as important as taking care of our skin. Tangle Angel is a brand that provides heat-resistant detangling hair brushes, with its benefits being anti-bacterial and anti-static, which will leave your hair in its best condition.

Finding the perfect comb that will not cause harm to our hair can be difficult because of the various options we have in the market. However, Tangle Angel leaves your hair smooth, soft, and easy to manage with its anti-static detangling brush. Retailing at PHP 500 – PHP 800, their brushes can be used in both wet and dry hair and comes in various colors with a unique yet simple design.

For those who want to take better care of their hair, visit @tangleangelph on Instagram or visit their website at for your hairbrush needs.

The Cozy Agenda

Soothe your soul and your mind with The Cozy Agenda’s hand-poured soy candles with its price varying from PHP 350 – PHP 600. Soy candles are made from soybeans, a natural, renewable resource grown by local farmers in many regions. Using soy candles benefits local agriculture and farmers, allowing them to earn a living and expand their businesses. Above all, lighting a candle in any corner of your home or office can provide numerous health benefits and improve your overall well-being.

When you’re feeling down, lighting a candle in your room can help lift your spirits. The scent elevates your mood, balances your hormones, and boosts your immunity. Lighting a candle in one’s bedroom before going to bed can also help to create a relaxing atmosphere. The ambiance it creates aids in the improvement of a person’s sleeping pattern.

To shop their scented candles head over to their Instagram account @thecozyagenda.

Bulan Cup

Bulan cup is a brand that not only cares for women but empowers them as well. They believe that periods are moments of cleansing and renewal. They were not designed to cause harm to the environment. They want periods to contribute to the earth’s healing and renewal by lessening the use of harmful period products that act as pollutants. 

Their menstrual cups are made of medical-grade silicone and latex and are also BPA-free. This material was made with every woman’s comfort in mind. They are priced at PHP 945 and comes in three different colors.  

To know more about them and their advocacy, visit them on Instagram @bulancup or head over to their website

My Amazing Hair Secrets 

My Amazing Hair Secrets is a brand that provides vegan hair products for those who prioritize making their hair healthy in the best way possible. As we all know, taking care of ourselves includes finding the best possible products with the best possible outcomes.

All My Amazing Hair Secrets products are FDA-approved, all-natural, paraben-free, and sulfate-free, which is perfect for all hair types with prices ranging from PHP 700 – PHP 1,200. Whether it be thinning hair or just wanting to take preventive measures, its formula will leave your hair full of moisture and protection, making it soft, smooth, and healthy.

Head over to @myamazingph on Instagram or visit their website at for the hair care we all deserve.

Louis Mireille

Smelling should also be a part of self-care. Delightful scents have been scientifically proven to elicit positive, uplifting emotions and good memories. Reuniting with a scent we haven’t smelled in a long time can instantly bring back many wonderful memories and feelings.

Louis Mireille is a Davao-based perfume brand that also advocates empowering women. They have a wide array of perfume scents for every individual with prices ranging from PHP 600 – PHP 800. Last August, they also launched a new line of room sprays with four different scents. 

Aside from keeping ourselves smelling good, we must also take care of our home. Having a home that smells good can relieve you from depression and anxiety. Not only that but it also boosts one’s energy, improves focus, and reduces stress. 

If you’re interested to know more about them, check them out on Facebook and Instagram and view their products on Lazada

Maui Babe

Self-care is all about taking care of one’s body, which includes being cautious of certain activities’ consequences. Maui Babe is a Hawaiian-based tanning product that will make you look golden without having the adverse effects of being under the sun’s heat.

For only PHP 1,200, you can achieve beautiful tanned skin with Maui Babe’s Browning Lotion, which will make you feel, look, and smell amazing. This lotion is easily absorbed into the skin and uses all-natural ingredients, which will make your skin free from any irritations, perfect for those who have sensitive skin. 

For those interested in getting a tan without drowning under the sun’s heat, visit @mauibabeincph on Instagram or head over to their website at

Everyone likes to look good, and a lot of time and effort is put into making that happen. However, it is worth noting that no matter what you do, if you are not feeling well, you will not look as good as you could. 

So to my ladies out there, don’t forget about taking care of yourself. Use beauty to boost yourself and create positive change, but at the same time, invest in your well-being, and trust me, your glow-up will follow.  

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