Christmas is all about treating others, including ourselves, with small rewards for our accomplishments over the year. Whether it be a quick self-care session or a relaxing weekend getaway, we should never forget that the holidays are the season of giving and receiving!

We have found six different brands for you to try out through the essence of Passion Made Possible, depending on what relaxation and form of self-care you favor most.

Instagram: @808studioph



808 Studio is a Dance and Fitness Studio that provides you with all things good as it takes dancing to a whole new level! They provide you with a variety of classes depending on your personal preference. Therefore, you can enjoy dancing like no one is watching to your favorite track hits. Treat yourself by showing off your grooves and enjoying the holiday spirit with 808 Studio!

Instagram: @stripmanila



Strip Manila offers you a variety of waxing services and skincare products for your next self-care session. With their waxing services, they can cater to any part of your body. You name it, and they got you! If you enjoy a quick self-care session with your loved one or by yourself, Strip Manila is one on the list. If you prefer skincare essentials, Strip Manila provides you with various products such as sunscreen, jelly scrubs, and many more!

Instagram: @browhausmanila



This brow salon changes the game as they have multi-award-winning brow and  lash experts that can help you achieve a new look! They offer a variety of services which you can find on their website, from brow construction to lash extensions. Browhaus is also available in multiple locations, so finding a store near you is not a problem. Spend some time on yourself this holiday by giving yourself a quick pamper session!

Instagram: @inaladelan



Inaladelan Island Resort is a resort located in Port Barton, Palawan. It offers you a relaxing and peaceful getaway trip with various fun activities that you can share with your loved ones or enjoy with the comfort of your own company. From kayaking to turtle seeing, you can discover all these with Inaladelan Island Resort. This hidden gem is one for the books as it gives you the travel therapy we all want and need.

Instagram: @poly.cosmetics



Poly Cosmetics, a skincare brand based in Davao, offers you their tinted sunscreen, which includes several benefits, perfect for our tropical weather in the Philippines. Finding the perfect sunscreen can be difficult as it is one of the essentials our skin needs. With Poly Cosmetics, one can assure safety and protection against the sun’s harmful rays.

Keratin Plus

Instagram: @keratinplushair

Start achieving your hair goals this holiday season as we present to you Keratin Plus! They offer a variety of hair-care products that will leave your hair silky and straight after every wash. Choose to elevate your hair-care routine this holiday season. With Keratin Plus, you can assure your hair receives its best needs.

With these six lifestyle brands we present to you, one can find a brand that genuinely sparks their interests, whether it be a quick beauty session or a relaxing getaway. Through Passion Made Possible, we take pride in stating that all brands we have listed above are female-owned and have started building small empires because of their love for their passions.

Overall, if you are looking for a way to relax or get your mind off work, check out these five lifestyle brands, which are the best options when looking for other forms of small rewards you can enjoy on your own or with friends and family. If you are interested in knowing more about the products or services they offer, check out their Instagram or visit them through their websites linked above.

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