As a child, it felt weird being called kikay because I had no idea what it meant. I learned later on that it is a term used to describe Filipinas who are interested in fashion and cosmetic products. I realized the fun and glamorous implications of being kikay and I identified with the term as I grew older. After all, there’s no harm in being extra and bringing personality out into a crowd with chic and flamboyant colors and patterns. 

We have created a list for every modern Filipina by modern Filipinas, these items were tried and tested to complement your glamorous outfits and were 100% Kikay-approved by yours truly.

ZYCA Accessories (

Rock your online meetings with colorful statement earrings that complete the look and make you stand out in the group of screens. ZYCA Accessories offers handcrafted clay earrings, necklaces, hair clips, and rings that are fun, trendy, and stylish. Their Marble Collection (and best-seller!) incorporates a black and white chic look for every independent working woman. 

Summer isn’t over until we say it’s over. ZYCA’s latest collection includes handcrafted clay earrings with pressed flowers and leaves that are perfect for Sunday dresses and online brunch dates in Zoom. Their other collections featured Terrazzo, Monochromatic, and Summer Classic Designs. There is no such thing as wearing “too many” accessories; keep making a statement! Go ahead and order your pair through their instagram page at

Your Usuals (@yourusuals)

Self-care is important to cope with stress. This could mean several things ranging from taking a break, surrounding your room with your favorite candle scent, and giving your skin the best care it deserves. It can be overwhelming but fret not because Your Usuals can help you out in that department. 

Your Usuals offers products that are handcrafted in small batches by two Filipina artisans who envision making self-care simple and accessible. Your Usuals offers three cold processed soaps that target different areas of the skin. Going Mint-al is best for oily and dull skin for it detoxifies and exfoliates the skin with its activated charcoal. O please is a sensitive skin-friendly body bar that gently cleanses and moisturizes the skin with oats. Last but not least: Night Night Darling is for all skin types as it is designed to soothe tired skin (count me in!). Your Usuals incorporate fuss-free ingredients that are both petroleum-free and cruelty-free… talk about spreading kindness to your body and the planet!

Check their instagram page at @yourusuals

Slumber Glow (@slumberglow)

We know everyone has rested but have you ever ✨slept✨ with a luxurious and comfortable feeling? Slumber Glow ensures that you get that well-deserved rest in style and glamour with their custom and made-to-order silk pieces. Their silk items scream elegance with their signature and luxe colors. Make all your belongings extra sophisticated by customizing silk pillowcases,  headbands, scrunchies, eye masks, and curtains. Your at-home self-care routine will never feel the same way once you get a touch of these irresistibly soft and luxurious silk pieces. We highly recommend purchasing their silk pillowcase to make sure your skincare routine efforts are secured with these soft fabrics. . 

Send them a message to start curating your silk items for that special slumber or visit them at @slumberglow

Sun PH (

Life gets better with a little bit of sunshine and charming accessories. Sun PH offers everyday accessories that are handcrafted by the shop owners themselves. Enhance your hairstyles with dainty and affordable clear hair clips that are lightweight and easy to style. Sun PH also offers beaded rings and chokers to snatch that 90’s look you’ve been eyeing. They also offer pearl hair clips for days where you feel like dressing posh for work on Wednesdays. You can mix and match accessories and experiment with different kinds of styles with their wide range of products. Here’s the catch, you can get 10% off on your first purchase when you order from their Shopee account!

Bet you’re excited to add these to your cart! Visit their Instagram page at

Ready to dress up and make a statement? Release the inner kikay in you that has always loved experimenting with silhouettes and colors. These accessories and self-care essentials will surely give you an extra boost in expressing yourself and your style. By doing so, you will also be helping out these female-owned local brands who personally handcraft their products. 

Head over to their respective Instagram pages to check out other kikay items worth purchasing. What’s better than adding these items to your cart? Convincing your friends to snatch these items because they are worth the hype, so don’t forget to snap a photo of these products or share them with your friends!

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