Davao City––known for its famous dishes such as Guso or Lato (Fresh seaweeds made into salad), Kinilaw na Tuna, Sinuglaw, and of course, Durian. These dishes in Davao City cannot be compared. 

You don’t have to go very far in Davao City to bump into a restaurant that serves food that can satisfy both your hunger, and your taste buds, and what sounds perfect right after a good, whole-hearted Dabawenyo meal? Dessert. 

Eaterior, founded by local Dabawenyo, Gio Maniwan, is your new favourite online business to satisfy your sweet-tooth. Based in Davao City, Eaterior accepts orders and deliveries anywhere within the city. 

When asked what had inspired Maniwan to start Eaterior, he explained that this would be the perfect time for him to start a business, considering how everybody has to stay at home. “[Aside from this], I started Eaterior because I have a friend who is a chef in Boracay who makes insanely good treats, and I am not [just] saying this [with bias], trust me when I say that her treats are insanely good. I asked her to go home and to start a business with me.”

“This is also my way of empowering her as a Chef because [I believe] her skills need to be recognized, and luckily, [people really do] appreciate her treats, given the insane feedback that people give once they [have a taste].” 

Maniwan drew inspiration from one of things he loves–interior design–and named his business after it: Eaterior. “I wanted to make people feel at home with the taste of our treats, just like how good interior design makes you feel at home. Also, I think it’s safe to say that I am a minimalist and that is why I brand our social media accounts in a very minimalistic way.”

Eaterior currently offers Madeleines that come in three (3) different flavours: Chocolate, Sweet Corn, and Lemon Glazed. One box includes 9 pieces, and is sold at Php 165.00 per box. 

The business was initially planned to have been opened back in April 2020, but due to travel restrictions that came with the lockdown amidst this pandemic, Eaterior’s chef, Charmaine Ang, could not get a flight home. This caused a 3-month delay in the Davao-based business’ plans; however, the business successfully opened by August 2, 2020. “We received a lot of opportunities to sell in the mall and also different parts of Mindanao; [we were asked] if we could ship our treats there but we’re not able to accept such opportunities, as both our safety and the safety óf the customers, and the quality of our products are our top priorities. Instead, we made sure to [put in] extra effort in reaching people online within Davao through ads and some help from friends on social media [in order] to gain more customers.” 

Eaterior’s also offers cookie sandwiches that, like their madeleines, come in three (3) different flavours; Peanut Butter, Vanilla Butter, and S’Mores. Each tub includes half a dozen of cookies, and is sold for Php 225 each tub.

Through Eaterior, Maniwan was able to work with his talented friends, which ended up being his favourite part about running the business. “From products shoots at AA Studio, asking [for] ideas and approval from reliable friends, getting our containers [and] supplies from [their own] businesses, [all the way down to]  just seeing [them] support my business on social media, Eaterior made me feel the genuine support of people whom I did not really talk [to] on a daily basis pre-Covid, as we were busy living our lives as young adults. Now, I feel more connected to them and I learned to appreciate the people I have now, especially in this trying time.” 

It would also be great to take note that Eaterior is not only limited to pastries! Eaterior serves a savoury cooked dish that they like to call Taco Rice Bake, which can be yours for only Php 185. Eaterior also currently sells two drinks; the Classic Cold Brew (Php 130), and the Macadamia Blend (Php 130). 

While Christmas is nearby and we all still (somewhat) have the time to go Christmas shopping for our loved ones, consider purchasing a box of delicacies from Eaterior––make the hassle of stepping out of your home non-existent, while ensuring the quality of the gifts you’re giving out isn’t compromised (Not to mention, check out how pretty the packaging is). 

Head over to Eaterior’s Instagram account (@eateriorph) to view their entire menu and shoot them a DM to place your order! Have a sweet and merry Christmas! 

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