Guilty of doing too much online shopping? You’re not the only one. Retail therapy has been a common coping mechanism with everyone stuck in their homes during this pandemic.

With so many things on the market, whether it’s clothing, beauty products, accessories, or home essentials, there’s no denying that humans have accumulated far too much waste. Having said that, sustainability has completely transformed the way businesses operate all over the world. 

So, do you want to feel less guilty when spending your money? I got you, girl! Here’s an insider tip from someone who’s part of the shopaholic club: start buying sustainably. This means purchasing products that are environmentally friendly and that use alternatives to hazardous and toxic materials. You will not be only getting your money’s worth but you will also be doing our planet a favor! Did I convince you yet? 

To help you get started in shopping sustainable, here are four (4) Filipino-owned sustainable brands you can check out. 

Terra Philippines

Photo Courtesy of Terra Philippines Instagram

Terra Philippines, founded by sixteen (16) high school students, designed and created Isla, a multi-purpose bag with detachable pockets made of coconut coir, a recycled fabric lining, and synthetic leather. Taking inspiration from a coconut juice vendor who displayed coconut husks in front of their school, they created this sustainable brand while also taking advantage of the opportunity to help Filipino communities through the Pilipinas Eco fiber Corporation and local sewers who were tapped for the creation of their products. 

Draft Florals

Photo from Draft Floral’s Instagram Account

Dried floral arrangements are a fantastic and unique way to gift someone since they are built to last and designed to be really stunning. Draft Florals creates beautiful hand-tied dried flower bouquets and potted blooms that are easy to care for and last a long time, making them ideal for decorating your home or sending as a lovely gift. A crowd favorite from this brand is their gift sets where you can get a mini bouquet and a scented soy beeswax candle of your choice! 

Floruit PH

Photo Courtesy of Floruit PH

Floruit PH is a brand based in Real Quezon that sells cruelty-free and vegan hair and skin care products. Floruit PH promotes a sustainable lifestyle and ethical consumerism through its products made from plant-based oils and extracts. My personal favorite is their plant-based self-care balms which come in three (3) different varieties. They are more than a beauty brand; they are a zero-waste movement that uses biodegradable, plant-based, and toxic-free ingredients curated through an artisan process. 

The Hub Cebu

Photo by The Hub Cebu

The Hub Cebu is your go-to place for the latest and trendiest phone cases. Aside from the various colors and designs, you can choose from, they are also popular for customized phone cases. Their most recent collection, which has also grown in popularity, is made entirely of compostable bamboo and plant-based biopolymers that contain no toxins. These phone cases have been thoroughly tested to ensure that they are free of plastic and dangerous chemicals. When you buy one of these phone cases, you’re not only safeguarding your phone, but you’re also helping to protect the environment.

Our spending habits reveal a great deal about who we are as people. It is critical that each of us take responsibility for the things we buy and the things we waste. For the sake of future generations, we must learn to be environmental stewards rather than living in the moment without considering the impact we have on our surroundings.

Make wise purchasing decisions, and you will make a difference. 

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