Fragrance is like a language that everybody can speak. Bookworms love the smell of new books, car enthusiasts love the smell of new leather seats for their cars, chefs love the smell of amazing dishes being cooked in the kitchen; now, women? They love the scent of perfume.

Louis Mireille Parfum, founded in 2019 in Davao Del Sur, Mindanao, is a home-grown business founded by Leading Lady, Louise Tan. Currently, LM Parfum offers 8 signature scents, mainly: Golden Sunrise, Florence, Kallie, and Chrysalis–all specially curated for ladies; and, Versailles, Limitless, Invincible, and Into the Woods–all personalized for men. 

Mireille shares her thoughts, experiences, and even business tips to inspire other Leading Ladies who aspire to start the businesses of their dreams.  

What inspired you to start Louis Mireille Parfum?

I have always enjoyed art, whether it was expressed in music, paintings, interior designs, or clothes. When I became an Industrial Engineering student, I didn’t really have an outlet for my creativity. When my brother-in-law, Aze Chua, brought up a business idea of manufacturing perfumes [wherein] I would curate and build the brand, I automatically said yes. When we started building the brand, I drew inspiration from pretty much anything and everything. I would get inspiration by songs, music videos, architectural designs on Instagram, paintings, and many more. Louis Mireille has become my brainchild. All the creativity in me, I have poured out into this brand.

What’s the easiest and hardest part of running your business?

The easiest part of running Louis Mireille was probably building the identity of the brand. I loved every bit, [from] picking the whole aesthetic of our perfume, down to discussing our vision and goals as a company.

The hardest part of running Louis Mireille was being the “all-in-one,” while juggling school. I would have meetings during my break time or after my classes, and there were times that I would be doing work in the school library. Although it was exhausting, I did not mind juggling them both because I am passionate about the brand.

With your anniversary coming, what encouraged you to do a SALE-FOR-A-CAUSE?

From the very start, the team and I have always wanted to give back whatever blessings we [would] receive from Louis Mireille. Since the pandemic, we have realized the value of being able to still run our business despite numerous businesses closing. We know that living in these circumstances can be tough for anyone especially [for] low income families and charitable organizations.

Where do you see Louis Mireille Parfum by the next anniversary?

Hopefully by our next anniversary, the pandemic will be over, and we can celebrate it better. By that time, we hope to have new scents or [new] variations of our scents. We would also love to be available in more cities in the Philippines.

What advice would you give to aspiring Filipina entrepreneurs?

Hold on to what you believe in. When all else fails, remember why you were passionate about your business and remember why you started it in the first place. Use failure to your advantage. When a customer gives you a bad review, or a client rejects your offer, figure out why they did. Rejection and failure open new paths to explore and can possibly lead to your next big idea.

Be kind! In life, you never know when you will go up or down. Treat people with kindness as much as possible. You never [know,] that person who needs your help [today] can possibly help you big time in the future.

Louis Mireille Parfum is currently holding a 10% discount for a cause on selected perfumes, specifically, Versailles and Limitless for our sporty and active gentlemen. 

Shop Louis Mireille Parfum now, available on Local DVO, Shopee, and Carousell.

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