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Found another cute top? Although a simple click to check-out from your daily online shopping might be harmless at first, the effect on our environment is gradual and very much present. 

Some aspects of modern life, such as flying overseas, using disposable plastic items, and even driving to and from work, are widely known to cause environmental harm. However, the effects on our clothing are less obvious.

The fashion industry’s environmentally polluting supply chain operations are coming under increased scrutiny on a global scale. Despite the widely publicized environmental impacts, the industry continues to grow, thanks in part to the rise of fast fashion, which relies on low-cost manufacturing, frequent consumption, and short-term garment use.

With this in mind, we must shift our attention to conscious and sustainable fashion. As stewards of this planet, we must be responsible for our daily choices. And this means committing to buying less, limiting your outfits per day, and investing in pieces that last longer.

Lucky for you, girl, we have just the perfect local clothing brand for you. One that doesn’t only consider style and comfort, but also sustainability. Orenda by Sabina is a loungewear and lifestyle clothing brand based in Davao City, Philippines. This passion project was created by Sabina Renee in hopes of empowering individuals to create change within themselves and their environment through finding their orenda–the spiritual force present in every individual that empowers them to bring about change.

Orenda’s go-to style is a touch of elevated lounge which is chic and comfortable making them the perfect basic pieces for anyone’s wardrobe. All clothing pieces are versatile and timeless which makes it easier to mix and match with your other existing fits. My personal favorites from their collections are the Leila Polo and Jānis shorts. The fabric they use is comfortable to skin and is meant to move with you, where in my opinion is a plus! 

Whoever said that you can’t be trendy and comfortable at the same time, even if you’ve got nothing to do but stay at home? Well, this brand makes it possible for you. No more staring at your closet while rambling on about how you’ve got nothing to wear. Every piece from Orenda will serve you elevated lounge to stylish streetwear in just a few seconds of accessorizing. 

Check out their latest collection on Instagram @orendabysabina. I assure you, this time it will be a guilt-free shopping experience. 


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