Those little plastics last longer than we do! The straws, plastic cups, bags and etc. We are hypnotized by the handiness of plastics that we are blinded with the reality of what it can do to our environment. Do you want to become a murderer to the future generation? Of course not.

We should all make a habit of slowly progressing our everyday lives by using less plastic in our routine. It may be hard at first but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be using your metal straw easily. Speaking of metal straws and reusable items, here are 5 brands which you can check out to speed up that plastic-free lifestyle you’re trying to achieve!

Sip PH –  is a locally made company created by Pocholo Miguel Espina. They sell products such as stainless steel straws and bamboo utensils for an affordable price. Not only does it look cool with our drinks and meals but it is also washable. Say goodbye to the cheap plastic straws and utensils!

Klean Kanteen PH – We all know it’s such a hassle bringing a water bottle wherever we go. But come to think of it, when you buy water from the supermarket, your icy cold water will turn warm in less than an hour, that’s not refreshing. With Klean Kanteen, your stainless water bottle will keep your water icy cold throughout the entire day. Even if you fancy a good hot chocolate, Klean Kanteen will keep your chocolatey goodness steaming hot. Invest in a Klean Kanteen water bottle for the right water temperature.

Go Zero – We brush our teeth everyday and our toothbrushes at the end of the month will look grim. With Go Zero, you can throw away your crusty toothbrushes without feeling sorry for our environment because their toothbrushes are made from bamboo! How unique is that?

Baggu – Stop using plastic bags when you’re out shopping. You won’t be using it for a long time so why stuff them inside your house? Bring a reusable grocery bag that fits right in your pocket. Baggu is an American brand of reusable bags with cool and in style designs. Carry them in your hand bag so you won’t feel like bringing tons of plastic bags with you when you have your shopping spree. BeautyMNL will soon launch Baggu at their website so stay tune for that!

Island Happy PH – If you like bringing snacks with you throughout the day, Island Happy PH has the kit for you. Instead of bringing bulky lunch boxes or noisy plastic wrappers, use their beeswax food storage. Not only does it take a lot of space but it is also washable. Bonus points cause they have cute designs.

Start using zero waste products and showcase it to the world for them to know and realize the harm they are doing with their plastics.

#ScoopWorkLife | Head over to the brand’s official Facebook pages for more information.

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