“Okay first time ko to use a sex toy (not gonna name what shop I got it from). I didn’t know what to expect but I got this bullet vibrator. Was actually disappointed. Di pa ako nakakaorgasm just from the sex toy, maybe I should switch to something else. BUT!!! In all fairness, it was pleasurable. It felt good but kulang siya and not enough to give me an orgasm. Iba-iba talaga siguro experience…” – Anonymous Contributor

I remember the overwhelming feeling of browsing through catalogs of sex toys on numerous e-commerce platforms. After hearing enough juicy stories from my friends, I finally decided on buying one for myself. The catch is that I didn’t know where to start, especially with all the options, and I was too reserved at the time to ask my friends or anyone for that matter.

As it ended up, I went for the least intimidating-looking one, which was a small bullet vibrator that did not last long. And that’s how the journey with adult toys started and what led me to – Jellytime.

Chinchilla is The Cutest Pleasure Companion

After releasing their flagship product, the Jellytime Personal Lubricant, and their first adult toy, the Bobble, Jellytime released their cutest pleasure companion, the Chinchilla. It didn’t look like any of the other toys I’d seen, but its unique appearance was enough to bring me to try the item. All the while, I kept wondering, aside from its appearance, what else can this cute, little toy offer? Here’s what I found out.

But first! A little background about The Chinchilla. It is designed with vibrating ears for targeted stimulation on your pleasure spots such as the clitoris, nipples, and perineum area. It has 7 different vibration frequencies, perfect for experimenting with what you like. And most importantly, it is made of silicone material (a body-safe material) and it is waterproof!

Note: When buying pleasure toys, make sure you check what material it is made of. Go for those labeled “body-safe material” to keep harmful chemicals away from your body. Always go for safety first!

Level Up Your Experience with The Chinchilla

Upon unboxing the toy, my first thought is how pleased I am that it didn’t have any kind of fragrance – which is an indicator of a good or bad sex toy, so that’s already a good point. It was also much cuter than I thought as it was smaller than the palm of my hand and its “ears” made me curious about how it would work. At this point, I was already wondering and a bit doubtful of the power of its vibrations – but boy, I was in for a surprise

Don’t be fooled by its cute appearance, when fully charged, the Chinchilla has some of the strongest vibrations I’ve experienced. It has around 3 different vibration patterns with some patterns in different intensities to complete the 7 vibrations it claims. It’s great for tickling all over your body (which could mean it’s also great for foreplay). Its rounded shape makes it easy to grip as well, another plus!

Remember, I said that the Chinchilla has some of the strongest vibrations I’ve experienced. Here’s a quick caution to be light-handed when using the toy. Its default vibration strength is already quite shocking due to its power, but the good news is that – it will get the job done FAST.

“I’m single and first time ko to use a vibrator and had a damn good orgasm with it hihi looking to buy more toys real soon” – Anonymous Contributor

The Chinchilla is also nice to use in the shower if you prefer that as it lives up to its waterproof claim. On this note, it is best to partner the toy with a lubricant, which is perfect as Jellytime also has a lubricant product that is just the right type of lube for the pleasure toy. 

The Verdict:

So, if you’re looking for a first-time sex toy, this may not be the friendliest toy for you. But if you’re looking for something that you can slowly explore with OR get you to your grand finish FAST, then the Chinchilla is your pleasure toy!

Shop the Chinchilla and Jellytime’s catalog at itsjellytime.com! And while you’re there, we encourage you to follow Jellytime’s socials on Instagram (@jellytime) and Facebook (@Jellytime) for new goods coming in 2023 and to keep up with new updates as well as the essential information when it comes to exploring your sexual wellness. Stay tuned!

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