It’s time to talk about sex and local brands.

We’re in a new era where we have the chance to talk about sexual health and well-being openly, without shame or guilt. The Philippines is no exception. Its culture of machismo has made it an outlier on a global scale when it comes to sex education and awareness.

And yet, there are local brands who have found ways to promote sexual health and well-being by creating a safe space for conversations about sex. We’re talking about sex toys, lubricants, condoms, and other essentials that are needed for good sexual health.

Here are 7 local brands that are doing just that:

1. Frisky Ultd

Playful and full of energy, this is the Frisky Ultd vibe. It is a Filipino-owned company that aims to promote sex positivity and sexual health through education and advocacy. Many Filipinos come from conservative families, like Neale and Cy, founders of Frisky Ultd. They believe that everyone should be able to enjoy sex for what it is – fun and beautiful! And they have been doing this for two years already!

Frisky Ultd’s mission is simple: to create an environment that promotes self-exploration, sex positivity, and sexual health. They offer a variety of products ranging from masturbators, vibrators, condoms, lubes, and BDSM needs! Prices start at 99 pesos to 6,599 pesos. You can purchase their products at the physical store located at Unit E, DPL Building, M. Paterno, San Juan, 1500 Metro Manila. You can also shop at their website (friskyultd.com) or through their Shopee and Lazada stores.

Take a peek at their socials: @frisky.ultd on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

2. Intimate Room

Out with the old, in with the new! Intimate Room creates lingerie that will really boost your body’s confidence. Their goal is to make women feel positive about themselves by creating lingeries that are aesthetically pleasing. They release fresh designs every week perfect for those who are constantly looking for something new.

Their lingerie is not only something to wear under your clothes, they have also released a collection called L-A-O or Lingerie-As-Outerwear from lace tops, bra tops, corset crop tops, non-wired bustier tops, and more. Nothing is more comfortable than being confident in your body! No matter what your body type is, Intimate Room will bring out the best in you. 

Watch out because they have new designs weekly! So don’t forget to subscribe to their newsletter to stay updated. Shop their collection here: intimateroomlingerie.com

Instagram: @intimateroom

3. Jellytime

Self-care is Sex-care! Jellytime is a local brand that promotes a safe place for pleasure. The first product that they released is a lube that is water-based, fragrance-free, Ph balanced, and safe for sensitive skin. Aside from that, they also have pleasure toys for those who want to take pleasure to the next level. You can choose either a Chinchilla Personal Vibrator or a Bobble Personal Vibrator or you can have both! 

If you like cute things, the Chinchilla Personal Vibrator is perfect for you! Designed with vibrating ears that you can use on your pleasure spots, this vibrator has 7 different frequencies that you choose based on your preference.

If you’re looking for your first pleasure toy, the Bobble Personal Vibrator is the one to go for. Its design is similar to traditionally shaped vibrators but cuter. The best part? It has 10 different frequencies that you can explore. Jellytime’s vibrators are compatible with a water-based lubricant. 

You can check out Jellytime’s website and explore the right product for you! Products range from 320 to 1,499 pesos.

Shop here: itsjellytime.com
Check out their socials: @jellytime on Instagram and Facebook.

4. Nala Woman

Guaranteed #FriendlyToTheCoochie. Nala Woman is a local brand that offers you organic and sustainable sanitary pads, tampons, and pantyliners. Making periods healthier and more fun for all women! They have all your period must-have products made from high-quality GOTS organic cotton and their products are also breathable which is a plus. No one wants their coochie getting suffocated down there, right ladies?

They also educate and break myths about periods! Nala Woman provides a safe space for conversations about menstruation, promotes women empowerment, and breaks stereotypes about periods. 

Prices start at 175 pesos! Switch to a more eco-friendly menstrual bestie today.

Buy their products here: nalawoman.com
Follow them on their socials: @nalawoman on Instagram and @nalawomanph on Facebook.

5. The Climax

The Climax is another brand that promotes sexual education through its social media accounts. They address sexual myths and curiosity, and they even make it fun by posting quizzes for their followers to answer. We all love fun and interesting games, right?

The Climax is the official distributor of Tenga, Iroha, and Pjur in the Philippines. Tenga caters to both men’s and women’s pleasure needs. They have disposable and reusable masturbators for men. Don’t be intimidated if you are new to these things, that’s why they have a variety of products that can cater based on your needs.

For women, they have the Iroha series, made by women, for women, “Iroha” brings you enticing vibrations along with elegant, refined design. Pjur offers lubricants for men and women and delay spray for men. Perfect for those who want long-lasting pleasure! 

Check out their socials: @theclimaxph on Instagram.

6. Ilya

Ilya’s story began in a, well, sex shop. Ilya had a straightforward idea: make sex more enjoyable by demonstrating to others that using sex gadgets can be amusing on its own. They aimed to spread awareness of something lovely, enjoyable, and instructive. Ilya believes that intimacy should be exciting and we couldn’t agree more! There’s nothing to be ashamed of in exploring one’s sexuality.

Ilya’s products are made sure to be of the highest quality, not only are they selling various sex toys but they are only offering products that have passed their quality standard. You name it, they have brands from A to Z and you’ll never run out of options, so visit their website and you might find “the one” for you.

Shop on their website: shopilya.com

7. Hiraya Pilipina

Made for you to be empowered, that is what Hiraya Pilipina is all about. The local brand was founded by Cleo Loque, an 18-year-old proud Filipina. It is an advocacy brand that empowers through statements in its products. From statement tees, tote bags, planners, and abaca masks. Hiraya Pilipina is a brand that stands out because of its message. The brand encourages you to be empowered and true to yourself through fashion. They have a wide range of items for everyone, from those who are still trying to figure out what they want in life (like me) to those who already know what they want and just need the help of a good statement tee or planner. 

Hiraya Pilipina is definitely a brand for the modern woman who wants to look good but also make a statement about what she stands for.

Shop their collection at wearhirayapilipina.com
Follow their socials: @hirayapilipina (Facebook, Instagram)

These local brands create safe spaces to promote sex positivity and wellness.

Talking about sex and sexual health should not be considered taboo. It is a normal part of being human. This is especially true for young people who are just figuring out their sexual identity. Sex is a natural and normal part of life. It’s important to understand that sex can be pleasurable and safe, but only when it’s practiced in the right way.

The more you explore yourself and what makes you feel good, the more confident you will become. The less you hide away in the dark, the more comfortable you’ll be in your own skin. It is a vital part of growing as a person and developing your identity. That’s why we have these local brands with us, to help promote sex positivity and sexual health. You should never feel ashamed of who you are or what makes you happy, no matter how much other people may judge you for it.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. Let’s continue to empower, educate, and inspire! Stay tuned for more products coming this year 2023.

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