Talking about women’s sexual desires has been a taboo topic in society for a long time. Women are often expected to have a lower sexual drive than men, making it hard for women to acknowledge their sexual fantasies. Recognizing your sexual desires as a woman doesn’t make you any less lady-like, here’s why:

Experiencing sexual desire is completely natural. Just like any species in the animal kingdom, women are also exposed to different sexual attractions that make them feel aroused, whether its internal or external cues. These factors are not inclusive to male species alone, understanding that you as a woman is also highly capable of having sexual drives is the first step in exploring your sexual desires. 

It is a way of knowing yourself. As liberating as it can be, acknowledging your sexual desires can be a way for you to fully understand your body and yourself. Learning more about it can be a big leap in embracing your body and whatever that comes with it. You are entitled to understand your preference when it comes to your sexual activities, what you want and what you don’t want. 

Acknowledging your sexual desires should be uplifting rather than degrading. As a woman, there is nothing wrong with accepting that you have sexual needs that have to be satisfied. Don’t let yourself drown with what society expects you to be. To know about your sexual desires is to take control over it. In this age and era, women should openly express their sexual desires when they need to. 

According to society, for the longest time, there are a lot of things that women should and should not. Things that society has set for women to conform to, in order for them to fit into the “societal standards.” But as we start the new decade, we want to push things into the completely natural side and not be ashamed of talking about it. 

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