Christmas is slowly, but surely inching closer, and closer. It’s the time of holiday festivities with the family, office Christmas parties, and barkada get togethers. Although all might seem different, we sacrifice as much as we can, to get those important to us something for the holidays. Giving back to the people who’ve shaped us is in our culture, however, who said that we can’t give back to the environment at the same time. Here are five sustainable gift ideas to get your loved ones this holiday season.

It seems like the Philippines only has two moods, hot, and cold. I think it’s fair for me to say that most of us like the former rather than the latter. So when you capitalize on that summer season as you head to the beach for a quick dip, try out this sustainable swimwear from Body Party. Made from 100% regenerated post consumer waste, their New Wave line is made to last, and keep up with any lifestyle.

Perfect to keep your holiday drinks how you like it, Klean Kanteen’s insulated bottles, and tumblers are perfect for those who are chic yet cares about living a more sustainable lifestyle. Suitable for almost every situation, these bottles’ limits are only as far as how you take them. Available in almost every color under the sun, this is one Christmas gift everyone would enjoy.

With the seemingly overnight milk tea obsession the country is facing, The Super from Sip PH has got you covered. A pioneer in the steel straw game, this home grown brand has designed a straw to satisfy the hearts of milk tea fanatics everywhere, all the while not compromising their brand value of sustainability, and living plastic free.

If you want to add a dash of green thumb to your fashion sense, try out The Bamboo Company’s line of accessories. Featuring Lakbawayan watches, and sunglasses, these will definitely make you a head-turner, and will give you a foolproof conversation starter right off the bat.

Capping off this list is buying, and gifting preloved clothes. With 90s fashion seemingly experiencing a renaissance as of late, what better way to get that 90s aesthetic, than actually buying clothing from that decade. Not only does this give you extra points for authenticity, but this will help reduce the waste caused by fast fashion brands. Some of the notable vintage stores are retrogadeph__, and trfmanila.


Have other sustainable gift suggestions? Let us know below!



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