It is always a joy when we buy something for ourselves. Shopping provides that sense of comfort and satisfaction. But do you know the best part of retail therapy? It’s when you spend your money on a business that does not only care for its customers but does its part in helping their community. This female-owned business based in Cebu does just that. 

Founded by Nicole Ong Oh from Cebu City, The Hub Cebu is your go-to place to shop the latest and trendiest phone cases. What makes them special from other similar businesses is their value for self-expression.

Being able to fully express ourselves improves our mental health by allowing us to connect with our true selves. This then enables us to become more balanced and happy on the inside. We can discover what feelings and emotions lurk within us when we fully express ourselves. With the help of The Hub Cebu, self-expression couldn’t be easier. To fully embrace and express our identity and individuality, their phone cases don’t only come in various colors and designs but they are also open for customized orders.

The icing on the cake for this business is that they are a big believer in lending a helping hand and giving back to the community. A percentage of their profit goes to their four (4) chosen community partners: Bayanihan Para Sa Magsasaka, Another Meal, Another Day, Project TSuperHero, and Para Kay Kuya.  

The Hub Cebu also extends its effort in building a better community and promoting sustainability through its latest collection of biodegradable phone cases. Made 100% compostable from bamboo-based and plant-based biopolymers with zero toxins, these phone cases are tested safe and free of plastic and harmful chemicals. Purchasing these phone cases will not only protect your phone, but you can also contribute to protecting the environment. 

With over 31,700+ followers on Instagram, the business continues to grow and does its part for the community. It is businesses like The Hub Cebu that do not make you guilty of spending your money, for not only are you investing in yourself but also provided with an opportunity to give back. 

To check out their products and the full collection of their biodegradable phone cases, head over to @thehubcebu on Instagram or visit their website 

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