For those who have acne prone skin and are interested in skin whitening, not a lot of brands are easy to trust. Fortunately for us, known for helping those with the exact same issues, Fairy Doll is our go-to Fairy Godmother. 

Every day, I open my Instagram account and find my friends sharing their skin-care routines on their IG stories! Skin-care has become so common that it isn’t solely a woman-like thing to do anymore; even men drop their routines! By now, I’m sure we’re all aware how essential our skin is to our general health. It is also a key factor in our self-confidence, thus, taking good care of it is an utmost priority. 

We’re lucky Fairy Doll has a range of products that will keep your skin strong, healthy, and glowing.

Fairy Doll is a skin-care company based in Davao; established in 2016, Fairy Doll’s vision is to advocate for women’s empowerment, and give each and every one twice the confidence that they need.

What’s so great about Fairy Doll is that it’s complete (how we wish our men are the same): from skin care to whitening, all the way to exfoliating, Fairy Doll’s got us covered with all our skin care essentials––for both, face and body.  

For quite some time now, The Scoop Asia has provided a platform allowing women of all ages to talk about their biggest insecurities and how to overcome them, and not much to our surprise, one of the most common insecurities women face every day is their skin imperfections. Fairy Doll is here to remind you that you can work on your insecurities, yet love them at the same time. 

Anybody obsessed with exfoliating? Fairy Doll provides a product that is best suited for the lot of you! 

Besides the refreshing feeling exfoliation gives us, it effectively unclogs pores––sweeping away dead skin and dirt building up in the face, which helps prevent common acne problems such as blackheads and whiteheads. I remember going through this issue when I was at my peak ugly-duckling, puberty stage, and I have to say, Fairy Doll would have definitely helped me back then (but let’s get real, going through the ugly duckling stage is great because the bloom we all go through afterward is worth it). 

Did we mention that Fairy Doll is a direct importer of skin care from South Korea? We all know the craze with Korean skin care products, and now, we have it! Fairy Doll offers the Korean type of skin care everybody is raving about.

Remember––just like our faces, our bodies need hydration too. Fairy Doll is ready to provide us moisturizers that will leave both our faces and our bodies hydrated, giving us that bright, dewy look. 

This is your sign, ladies! What are you waiting for? Get your hands in Fairy Doll’s Sun Block Glotion! Other than the fact that it has SPF 30, it also contains ingredients that will soften skin and keep your skin tone even.

We forgot to mention another great thing about Fairy Doll! Anybody else have difficulty buying presents for their best gal pals for their birthdays or during the holiday season? Fairy Doll also has skin-care sets that are the perfect gifts for your loved ones––you can also simply buy one for your hardworking self!

Fairy Doll strives to stop people from holding back, hiding their full potential, and acknowledge how important it is to love their own skin.  

By offering budget-friendly yet quality products, they are selling products not only as a morale booster, but also to help you be the best version of yourself without hurting your wallet –– and that is why Fairy Doll is the skin-care line that gets you.

You can shop Fairy Doll products at Lazada, Shopee, or visit them on Facebook @fairydoll Skin Essential Corporation, while you can reach them at @fairydollcorporation on Instagram. 

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