“That’s pretty intense work, sweetheart. Are you sure you can handle it?” 

Why, of course. I am a woman after all. 

Some days, you can’t help but to be thankful for the women who dedicated their lives to fighting for women’s rights. Women empowerment has personally become one of my favorite topics to talk about, and is certainly my favorite advocacy. 

I love being a damn woman, and I ain’t afraid to say it. 

For so many years, women have been forced to adjust to the standards set by society on what beauty is truly about. Society says it’s about having the deepest curves on our waistlines, having the perkiest cheek bones on our faces, having a thigh gap in between our legs, and of course, the ever-so-popular societal standard forced on women—having perfect, flawless skin. 

Acne and blemishes, discolouration, and even whether it’s bare or unshaved, society has an opinion on every little thing! 

It’s amazing how women are finally standing up for themselves, and finally not letting other people’s opinions on our bodies affect us—I mean, we are women after all; being amazing is no surprise. 

Remember when “Like a girl” used to be an insult? 

You throw like a girl.” 

“You drive like a girl.” 

“You walk like such a girl.” 

Again, it’s amazing how much more empowered women are now. We love development! 

A campaign currently being launched by The Scoop Asia, called #DivHERsity, aims to empower women no matter what their bodies and skin look like. To sum up the campaign in fewer words: We are all beautiful, and don’t you forget it. 

The #IAmMySkinChallenge is currently running, encouraging women from all over the country to upload photos of themselves where they feel the most beautiful; from showing off their tattoos, to posting photos of their beautiful faces, whether covered in makeup or not, every entry is welcome; every entry is beautiful. 

The campaign, which is set to run for the second quarter of 2021, aims to not only empower women, but also give women a platform to express themselves in the most honest way possible. The campaign will be celebrating different kinds of women, in hopes of encouraging comfort and confidence in each other. 

Strong influencers who use their platforms to encourage women empowerment are also set to be part of this campaign. 

Exciting, we know! 

Your character development and confidence boost are just around the corner (but let’s be real, ladies. We’re here to help, but the light in you that’s waiting to shine is already there. Light it up!) 

Stay tuned for #DivHERsity! We can’t wait to see the growth in you that this campaign will help you achieve. 

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