A cookie is a baked food that is typically small, flat, and swee–who am I kidding, we all know what a cookie is and we all have at least one kind that we love; we’re all familiar with chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies, and even the oh-so-popularly-hated raisin cookies; we’ve tried them all before! The people’s cry for cookies that have been taken up a notch is in order. 

Well, look no further. 

Kookies & Kim is here to give the people what they want: cookies with a twist. Founded by budding baker, Kim Morales shares with us the inspiration behind her business, and what the future may look like for Kookies & Kim. 

One of Kookies & Kim’s unique flavors is called Anutter One, a chocolate fudge cookie, stuffed with chunks of peanut butter. This flavor was my personal favorite and, being the farthest thing from a sweet-tooth, I have to say that I enjoyed this cookie much more than I had expected to. Despite the cookie having two relatively sweet ingredients combined, the sprinkle of salt on top of the cookie is exactly what did it for me. 

Photo Grabbed from Kookies & Kim’s Instagram 

Morales says that despite growing up around her lolo who knew his way with food, she never exactly had culinary abilities. “I’d say around a few years back, I tried to shift to a healthier lifestyle, and had no choice but to get down and dirty–in the kitchen, that is,” says Morales. 

Kookies & Kim unofficially closed back in 2019. However, a few weeks after the lockdown had been implemented, the business started getting messages from acquaintances inquiring about her baking days or about an updated menu. “There was no eureka moment that prompted me to relaunch; no long-term plan budding into fruition whatsoever–to be quite honest, Kookies & Kim relaunched on a whim!” 

All Fudged Up, another flavour from Kookies & Kim, is an all-chocolate-fudge cookie sprinkled with salt. I don’t mean to sound like a cliche non-sweet-tooth person, but I can genuinely say that this cookie was so good because despite it being made of chocolate fudge, it was not too sweet. I didn’t cringe from the sweetness, nor did I find the cookie bland; its sweetness level was exactly how I was hoping it would be: just right. 

Photo Grabbed from Kookies & Kim’s Instagram

“Personally, I’m actually not that big on sweets! I enjoy the occasional treat, but I don’t think I qualify as a sweet tooth. One of the things we hear most from our customers is how all items from our menu aren’t overly sweet. [Also], everyone I spoke to throughout the process had a different story to tell; how they split Kookies with their husband over their morning coffee, how they gather as a family to vote on their favorite one, or how they ended up regularly sending boxes to their significant other at a time when they couldn’t be physically together.”

Morales drew inspiration from these stories similar to how she understood the five love languages–how everybody creates their own personal meaning, and every experience is unique in themselves. 

Kookies & Kim has recently launched their in-house delivery, which ensures that all their proceeds go directly to their KK riders. Kookies & Kim believes in building relationships, whether with suppliers or returning clients. “Food has always had meaning, historically, politically, and socially. When words fail us, food is a language everyone can understand–the way I see it, Kookies & Kim isn’t just another baking business. It’s a way to connect, to create memories, and even to show affection.”

When it comes to Kookies & Kim’s plans, the future looks bright! “It’s come to a point where we’ve had to decline orders (or move [them], if clients were willing), because our small team could no longer accommodate production without doing so at the expense of quality, and quality is something we’re not willing to compromise on.”

“I can’t emphasize enough how much it means to hear everyone’s fond memories with us, and to learn about their own #KwentongKookie.” 

Kookies & Kim is currently accepting orders on their Instagram account (@kookiesandkimph); their delivery days are on Wednesdays and Sundays, and their cut-off for orders are at 7 PM, on Mondays and Fridays.

Head over to their IG account today, and let’s get kooky with their Kookies! 

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