The Scent That Leaves A Statement: Louis Mireille

Photo by Clarence Sayman

In today’s generation, fragrance has been portrayed as an integral part of fashion according to the New York Times. In fact, the multi-million fragrance industry is not the easiest to penetrate because of international brands like; Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, Victoria’s Secret, and many more. These gigantic names make fragrance industry almost impossible to be penetrated because competition is too tight for a small scale business. These reasons did not stop Louise Tan but instead it pushed her to persevere and ergo the creation of her own perfume brand that can soon to be an empire — Louis Mireille. 

Photo by Ardent Production

Louis Mireille /lou-ee meer-yay/ Perfum is a brand that recognizes individuality, beauty, creativity and empowerment. Ultimately, Tan envisions the Louis Mireille brand to be a fragrance that represents different human personas. It also explains the choice of words in the brand name — Louis came from the German word “Louise” which means “famous warrior”, and Mireille means “to admire.” 

Louis Mireille released eight (8) scents, four (4) for the gents namely — Invincible, the smell of that approachable and dependable gentleman next door; Limitless, for that unstoppable gent who is always active and loves doing sports; Into The Woods, the scent for the guy who is adored for his oozing masculinity and rugged physique; and lastly, Versailles, the real gent who is living the Christian Gray of 50 Shades Trilogy lifestyle. 

Photo by Clarence Sayman

The ladies` scents are consisted of Golden Sunrise, the smell of free spirited and young at heart lady living her best warm summer days; Kallie, for the fearless and goal oriented ladies; Chrysalis, for ladies that celebrate their youth with a sweet personality and embrace their soft and delicate side; and Florence, the fragrance for women that exude with class, elegance and a taste of sensuality. 

Photo by Clarence Sayman

The brand encompasses different personalities and individualities. So, no matter how you present and see yourselves you will find your statement in one of the 50 ml bottles of Louis Mireille Fragrance. Each bottle is formulated in Davao and the ingredients are fresh from Grasse, France, the perfume capital of the world. It is safe to say that the brand is a certified locally made scent with high-end quality. 

Louis Mireille Perfum can be ordered on their Facebook page or through Lazada and Shopee for only 440php. You can drop by at their pop-up shop located at The Concept Store, The Cube, Abreeza. 

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