Ask most companies, and they’ll tell you that the term “work-life balance” is a myth. To them, the ideal scenario is you working beyond what’s most likely a nine-to-five job even at the expense of your family, your friends, and yourself.

The belief that we can’t take care of ourselves while being a good employee has built a whole generation of overworked but underperforming individuals. When our minds and bodies reach the limit of our productivity, we become sluggish and unattentive — defeating the whole point of why we wanted to “start strong” altogether.

Does it always have to be this way? Is “work-life balance” really a myth?

We may not be sure about whether or not work-life balance is something every employee can have, but it may be worth crafting your work mindset as if it is achievable. If so, you’re more likely to want to know how to be efficient with your time, know your limits, and many other things that can help you grow as a person outside of your job. In turn, you lessen the chances of burnout and fatigue.

It may also help your interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships. To achieve a work-life balance doesn’t just mean that you are aware when work becomes too much, but also that you know how to deal with it. You know how to voice out the simple “it’s not feasible” and politely negotiate with your employer and colleagues to make the deliverables more reasonable. You can also learn to become more honest with your family and friends about striking a balance between giving them and your work an equal amount of attention.

Even then, all of this boils down to you. Sometimes, the biggest obstacle in achieving this balance is yourself. The world has always asked you to be this “super-employee”, and so you’re engineered to think you can do it all. Recalibrating your mind to think that isn’t always the case asks you to be honest with yourself and your limits and recognize that feeling of hunger and tiredness that’s telling you to take a break.

So now we agree, maybe you should try to aim for a balance between your career and personal self. Where do you go from there?

The new age of technology has made its way into our work lives. So even if the classic planner has failed you, apps such as Timeneye and Forest allow you to manage your time and projects. There are also online platforms such as Google Calendar that let you share your schedule with others for easier communication. If you’re truly new to the world of work, then our article comparing physical planners to online scheduling apps might help you out.

Broadly speaking here, learning about balancing your lifestyle has become easier. Because of subcommunities like studyblr, it is so easy for you to now gain access to a wide range of information on productivity and time management. Searching about how to achieve the balance alone garners over a billion results on Google. So if you don’t know where or how to start, don’t worry — the internet has your back.

On top of all of the new tools you can integrate into your career life, a healthy mind and body also bring you a step closer to this balance. You can go into meditating, reading up on burn out, and engaging in hobbies that you know are good to your mental health. Even just listing down your tasks for the workday clears your mind by reminding you that sometimes, it’s not that much. Physical exercise — even if you dread it — also helps your career mindset. It can minimize anxiety, increase positivity, and keep you sharp for organizing your professional and personal life.

Work-life balance isn’t a myth, don’t let the corporate world tell you otherwise. It can be easy to feel alone and completely disoriented in the middle of your hectic work life, and it’s okay. That’s understandable. But over time, you have to recognize and act upon the truth that your value as an employee isn’t dependent on how little time it takes for you to get tasks done. Try out some of the tips and tricks in this article and take some time to think about how you’ve been approaching your work life.

Don’t worry, you got this, girl.

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