Welcome to the new category of food trends: quarantine food.

We can’t help but look back to the food trends that dominated Instagram, Facebook, and even Tiktok over this period of time. Our social media feeds have seen the rise and fall of many different food trends like dalgona coffee or sourdough bread.

As we enter our 3rd month of quarantine, it seems that more and more food businesses are popping up on our social media feeds. But one food trend is looking to set itself apart from the rest.

Enter this Davao-based “Home of the Original Baked Samgyeopsal” business, Crave Corner.


Crave Corner started last May 20, 2020. Their Original Baked Samgyeopsal layers the ingredients of samgyeopsal — kimchi friend rice, Korean egg rolls, pork, nori — topped with thick melted cheese. They regularly update their Instagram and Facebook with mouthwatering pictures and videos of their products. We can’t help but miss going out for KBBQ.

Korean BBQ has grown to be a Filipino meal-time essential. If you take a quick look around your city, you’re sure to find at least one samgyeopsal restaurant. These restaurants are a great way to eat with friends and family and bond over grilling meat, melting cheese, and more. Many Filipinos use these restaurants as a way of catching up, celebrating special occasions, and generally to bond with one another.


However, due to the current pandemic, all of that came to an abrupt stop. Many netizens have talked about how much they’ve missed samgyeopsal, making memes on Twitter and posting throwback pics to their last time eating KBBQ.

While it’s a little sad that we can’t enjoy samgyeopsal with friends like we used to, Baked Samgyeopsal is looking to be the next best thing!

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