The Scoop Asia is a 100% Filipina-run company dedicated to creating content for and by women. Over the past 3 years, we’ve featured inspiring stories of Filipina entrepreneurs excelling in their fields and going above and beyond what’s expected of them.

With the closure of many industries due to the pandemic and following quarantine, we’ve seen many small businesses struggle to keep themselves afloat. As a result, The Scoop Asia has produced content to guide and inspire entrepreneurs, like our IGTV interview series with women entrepreneurs in Manila and Davao, articles on what to focus on as an entrepreneur during these times, and quotes from Filipina entrepreneurs who’ve shared with us their insights on running a business during a pandemic.

While we go through the birthing pains of adapting to the “new normal”, we saw that there was an opportunity to help out Filipina entrepreneurs, particularly in the food and beverage business, in a new and different way.

As a result, we would like to proudly launch Flavored, a community dealer e-commerce website that connects local food and beverage businesses to the rest of Metro Manila. We’ve partnered with entrepreneurs to feature a wide variety of food and drink options perfect for any occasion. This food and beverage website in Manila features alcohol, non-alcoholic drinks, and ready-to-serve meals.

What sets Flavored apart is the addition of Perfect Packs, which are pre-prepared kits of different food and beverage options tied together with a central theme, and at a discounted price than you would get buying each item individually. For example, the Salsa Night package contains a bottle of tequila, chips, salsa dip, and a shot glass – all the essentials for a perfect Salsa Night at home. You even have the option of crafting your own perfect pack for any type of occasion you hold at home.

Whether you’re an experienced dinner host or just not sure where to begin when it comes to hosting a party at home, Flavored aims to be your one-stop shop for any event, while also supporting a network of passionate Filipino entrepreneurs.

You can take a look at Flavored’s Facebook and Instagram to learn more about what it is and how it works. Keep your eyes open for the launch of the official Flavored website soon!

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