Here in the Philippines, it’s almost an all year ’round summer heat and if you’re still craving new summer drinks and don’t really feel like getting your same old usual refreshments order, well this one might be a great news for you since Starbucks just launched a pastel pink “Watermelon & Lychee Aloe” frappuccino drink!

With a blend of fresh watermelon juice, chia seeds poured over lychee-flavored whipped cream, lychee aloe cubes, and ice: this will give your Instagram an eye-candy snap and shall give you a refreshing boost at this heat especially in the blazing afternoons.

Available now for a limited time, the Watermelon & Lychee Aloe is set to tint your world a sweet millennial pink daydream. Still unsure if you’ll jump in the bandwagon? Let’s see what the people are saying…

Pretty convincing? Why don’t you just head on over to your friendly neighborhood Starbucks and try it! Might as well check out any of these new items. Some days we really are that basic white girl enjoying a drink.

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