Spoiler alert, you will also find your signature scent with this parfum brand! 

To live in a tropical country where the heat can be the biggest ick, sweating may be our worst enemy. Of course, it still depends on how well one’s body can handle Philippines’ weather, but no ordinary scents and fragrances can stay in this scorching hot weather. Which is why choosing and investing in great, long-lasting, and high quality perfume brands should be our top priority if we want to stay smelling fresh and elegant while beating this summer heat!

If you’re looking to invest in long-lasting, sustainable, and high-quality perfume brands, we have just the right brand for you. Introducing Louis Mireille (pronounced as /lou-ee meer-yay/), a Davao-based, female-owned fragrance brand that celebrates individuality, beauty, creativity, and women empowerment. Don’t mistake this brand for producing dupes or inspired-fragrances because their scents are carefully crafted to become the scents of their own. Louis Mirielle aims to create unique scents and fragrances that will suit your own personal style!

Each scent of this fragrance line easily blends in with your unique and distinct body scent that will definitely bring out your own fragrance. Retailing at PHP 760.00, this fragrance line is offering eight (8) unique scents which are the following: Limitless, Versailles, Invincible, and Into The Woods, which are scents crafted for the men and Golden Sunrise, Kallie, Chrysalis, and Florence which are scents made for women. Their fragrances range from floral, fruity, musky, sweet, and even fresh. Even greater, most of these scents are said to be perfect for the summer or sweaty season such as the floral, citrus or fruity, and light or fresh scents as stated by several beauty articles.

Aside from fragrances for the body, Louis Mireille offers sprays for your sweet homes. Using home fragrance sprays can be another way of giving your homes instant freshness and an extra boost of homeyness, especially when unpleasant odors are lingering outside and inside our homes. Louis Mireille released 4 scents of their room sprays namely The Saint, The Protector, The Dynamo, and The Daydreamer. Two (2) of these scents, The Saint and The Protector are formulated with Mosscover Technology which repels mosquitoes. Meanwhile, the other two (2) scenes, The Dynamo and The Daydreamer are formulated with Scentinel Technology which eliminates foul odors.

Which scent from Louis Mireille do you think best fits you? Can’t decide yet? Browse through @louismireille on Instagram or visit their flagship store in Lazada and Shopee to find your perfect scents.

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