There’s nothing more amazing than women dominating the space of business with innovative, intentional, and sustainable products.

Let’s continue the conversation on women empowerment with these brands who just screams women empowerment!

Looking for sustainable period products? Having some pastry cravings? Or maybe you want to explore new coffee shops around Davao City? If you’re eyeing good-quality and intentional products for these types of lifestyle necessities, then we got everything covered for you! Here are 7 locally owned and women-led brands and shops you will surely love:

1. Aunt Flo Beauty

When in need of sustainable and comfortable menstrual care products, Aunt Flo is there to save your life! Aunt Flo Beauty sells period products such as menstrual cups and reusable pads that are durable, non-toxic, and cost-effective. Period products that are reusable and good for the environment are worth investing for; you are taking care of yourself and the mother earth, too. If you’re one of the girls who are used to using sanitary napkins and would want to try out menstrual cups, run to Aunt Flo Beauty because their menstrual cups are also great for first-timers!

2. Louis Mirielle

Unique scents for unique personalities is the gist of what Louis Mirielle offers as a fragrance line. Louis Mirielle’s scents are designed to effortlessly blend in with your body scent that will certainly bring out your own fragrance! You can choose from their eight (8) unique scents that range from floral, fruity, sweet, and even musky scents. Aside from body fragrances, Louis Mirielle offers home sprays that can give your homes an extra boost of freshness and homeyness.

3. Lustrous Dvo

Versatile, affordable, and good-quality, what else can you ask for? Lustrous Dvo is a jewelry brand that offers timeless, classic, and quality jewelry accessories that are perfect for all types of women’s styles and occasions! Their jewelry collection is diverse; you may feel overwhelmed (in a good way) when shopping for it! From chunky hoops, statement chained necklaces, to couple bracelets with your besties, Lustrous Dvo has it for you. And the best part is that their products are also non-tarnish and hypoallergenic!

4. Tbrew’s Davao

Are you one of the girlies who can’t start their day without a cup of coffee? If you’re residing in Davao City, you should check out T’Brews Cafe located at Fronting Kuilans Lacson for your daily dose of caffeine boost! They sell various kinds of coffees in hot and iced selections, Thai teas, and a couple of snacks like brownies. Not to mention, their products are budget-friendly which are perfect for students who are looking for a place to chill and study. Keep in mind that T’Brews Cafe is also available for delivery and pick up orders.

5. KandK

This crochet business has all the colorful and flattering crocheted tops that you can wear for when you want to dress up cute! KandK offers handmade crochet products such as clothes, headwears like bonnets, and accessories like tote bags. Their crochet flowers are the prettiest, because one of their products are flower bouquets which can be a lovely gift idea for a friend or a beau who loves flowers! Go and shop for KandK if you want to try their handmade pieces that are beautifully crafted crochet products.

6. Alofa

Dealing with dry and frizzy hair can be a pain sometimes, which means that you might need to add a little few more routines to how you take care of your hair. Alofa Haircare is a brand that sells haircare products and accessories, for all hair types. They are known for their hair oils that are rich in Vitamin E, B, and C and are also infused with oils like castor oil and coconut oil, which will make your hair healthy and shiny. If you’re looking for hair care essentials that will upgrade your haircare gaming, go and check out Alofa’s flagship stores in Shopee and Lazada.

7. Club’s Bakery

Another Davao City-based food business, Club’s Bakery is dedicated in bringing pastries and desserts that will deliciously melt in one’s mouth. Located in NHA Bangkal Cordillera, Club’s Bakery offers puff pastries, sweet pastries, and breads that are great for when you’re craving for some sweets desserts. They also sell sandwiches and coffees if you want some quick brunch that are worth the price. So don’t miss the chance to come across this pastry shop and satisfy your pastry cravings!

Supporting local and female-owned brands.

All in all, these local and female-owned brands will give us quality, sustainable, and intentionally-curated products that will cater our different lifestyle wants and needs. Whether you are looking for a new addition to your jewelry accessories or want to try new coffee blends, don’t be shy, go check, and support these local businesses. Start browsing through these empowering brands’ social media accounts and flagship stores to get to know their products and services more. 

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