Even the most basic and lazy outfit can be transformed with the right amount of bling and Lustrous Dvo is just the perfect jewelry brand that will help guide you through it.

Lustrous Dvo is a local and female-owned jewelry brand in Davao City that offers timeless, classic, quality, and affordable jewelry accessories that suit all women’s styles for all types of occasion. 

From earrings, ear cuffs, rings, bracelets, necklaces, to anklets; their jewelry pieces are well-curated, made in stainless steel, and are non-tarnish, which makes their pieces perfect for everyday use! Their accessories are also hypoallergenic which makes our jewelry styling not only elegant, but also safe.

With Lustrousdvo, you can never go wrong with accentuating your different everyday looks! Ranging from the prices of P 65.00 to P 650.00, Lustrous has a wide variety of jewelry pieces that you can choose from. Whether you need a chunky earring to pair with your dainty, statement necklace; or a gold-plated chain necklace to elevate your look, name it, Lustrous Dvo has it.

To further guide you in looking effortlessly put together with wearing the right jewelry pieces, here are different ways you can elevate your everyday look on five (5) different occasions with Lustrous Dvo jewelry pieces:

Running late for a meeting?

Pop on a dainty and minimalist gold pendant necklace coupled with a classic and flattering small hoop earrings that are easy to put on, and viola! Your look is complete! Notice how the minimalist pendant necklace will flatter any top you may grab when you’re in a hurry and how the classic hoop earrings will suit any hairstyle that you’ll sport when you’re running late. Lustrous Dvo has a wide variety of necklaces with unique pendant designs that are available in different lengths to fit your preference. 

Embodying your main character’s energy?

Never not a high time to romanticize your everyday embodying your main character era with Lustrous Dvo. Need to add a personal touch to your whole look? Girl, don’t worry, because Lustrous Dvo sure knows how to help you embrace your main character’s energy. Lustrous Dvo customizes jewelries, in which they use laser engraving technology to personalize your chosen accessories. Alternatively, a stunning layered necklace that is eye-catching can be another way to dress up more and be that main character. 

Going on a girls night out?

When it comes to choosing the jewelry pieces for this look, you might want to opt using a very ~extra~ earrings such as chunky and asymmetrical hoop earrings! No piercings? No problem! Lustrous Dvo got you covered with their collection of ear cuffs bejeweled with all types of crystals. 

Enjoy partying all night even when you’re sweaty without worrying that your sweat might tarnish your jewelry, because it won’t! Lustrous Dvo’s pieces are made of quality stainless steel that are non-tarnish and hypoallergenic. Not even your swear can take that gold-plating off. So you go, girl! Take that dance floor by the storm!

Running errands?

Ever heard of Heart Evangelista running to the grocery store wearing a complete set of jewelries from gold hoops to a stack of bangles? That’s our inspo for this look. Lustrous Dvo offers earring hoops that come in all shapes and sizes and gold plated bracelets with different chains perfect for stacking. With Lustrous Dvo’s jewelry pieces that are affordable, you can absolutely copy celebrity-inspired looks that’s giving high class and exquisite.

Going on a date?

If there’s one thing couples love, it’s to make every moment spent together romantic and intimate. Capture the sweetest moments with your beau by gifting each other a couple bracelets with each other’s initials or even snuck in a little secret message engraved at the back of your bangles, in which Lustrous Dvo can customize only for you and your lover! 

For all budget girlies out there, Lustrous Dvo is definitely your best friend! Their pieces from different collections will surely take your everyday looks to a whole new level without breaking the bank. If you’re eyeing for a locally-made, female-owned, intentional and curated collection of all types of jewelry, go check out Lustrous Dvo on Instagram at @lustrousdvo or visit their official website at lustrousdvo.com.

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