Happy Mothers’ Day! The day we all show our appreciation to our mothers and all the hard work they put in for us (and the patience they’ve developed throughout our mischief). 

While Mothers’ Day is one of the greatest holidays for most people, it can be a difficult day to wake up to for some. Strained relationships with one’s mother can be one of the most tragic experiences a person can go through––most especially when it’s between a mother and a daughter. With this in hand, we took this opportunity to allow girls who can’t say what they want to say to their mothers this Mothers’ Day. 

“Hi mama! You probably won’t ever read this but I hope you’re doing well. Sana po healthy naman po kayo diyan at sana po masaya kayo. I just want to let you know that I’m sorry. I still remember when I was younger and you would brush my hair telling me you love me, then in the blink of an eye, our relationship took a turn for the worse and I never got to talk to you anymore. I’m going to keep this short and get straight to the point, I miss you and I wish I was spending mother’s day with you this year. It’s been 3 years since I last saw you and I can still remember the smell of your perfume. I miss you everyday. Ma, I hope you know that I won’t stop fighting for your forgiveness. You will always be my hero.”

Charlene, 19

“Hi mom, happy mothers’ day! 🙂 4 years of no contact, and I still wish our relationship could have turned out differently than it had. I’d like you to know that no matter how much anger there is between us, you’ll always be my mom and I’ll always love you. You were such a big part of my upbringing, and the closeness we once had is something I will never forget. Please know that despite the messiness of our family’s dynamic, you were once the person I would come to immediately for my problems, and there was a reason for that––you are strong, courageous, and beautiful, and no man can ever take that away from you; not even those who don’t see your true value. I wish I could say more but I’ll just pray that God speaks my words to you instead. I promise you, one day, I’ll learn how to forgive and let go completely, and I’ll build the strength to speak to you. For now, please stay safe, wear your mask, and always remember that I love you with my whole being. Happy mothers’ day, mommy. :)”

Karren, 23

“HAAAAAPPY MOTHERS DAY MA! Kahit magkaaway tayo ngayon, alam mo naman mahal kita and alam mo na din na mahal mo ako. Sure naman ako na one day maayos din natin to. Sobrang miss ko na kita pagtripan sa bahay tapos magagalit ka ng sobra kasi natatawa nalang ako. You are the greatest person I have in my life and I cant ask for a better mother. Thank you for everything youve done for me all these years. Hope I can talk to you soon, ma.”

Ariel, 24

“Happy mothers day in heaven, mommy! I miss you so much. Para lang may idea kayo on what’s going on at home, everybody’s okay and everybody’s safe. Thank you for keeping us safe, mommy. Last week, sabi ni dad this is going to be our first mothers day without you and we all cried together sa may lanai. After the emotions died down, we went through your photos and we saw that old photo of Carlo crying kasi nagsermon ka ng malala hahahahahaha. We miss your sermons. Thank you for never letting our bad actions go unfixed. You always knew the right things to say kahit pinapaiyak mo kami. Love you so much mommy and I miss you. Happy mothers day mommy!”

Ella, 20

A big hug goes out to all the girls with strained relationships with their mothers. It can be tough, and as women, we are here for each other. 

Happy mothers’ day to all the mothers out there! Thank you for everything you’ve done for us! 

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