This quarantine has been going on for nearly four months, and the end of it isn’t in sight. Businesses and establishments have closed down, leaving many jobless and aimless at home. In response to this, there has been a sudden rise in the number of online businesses. If you’re an owner of these kinds of shops, here are some places to help you promote your products!

Bounce Back PH Official

Number of Members: 50,772 (but the whole cluster of groups have over 165,500 members)

Initially created to help businesses and freelancers promote themselves, Bounce Back PH takes its literal meaning in the time of COVID-19 by making it easier for Filipinos to bounce back. It is open to a wide range of posts and purposes, which are all segregated by their tags. #AskBounceBack helps you seek suppliers and raw materials, #BounceBackforBusiness is for promoting not just businesses but webinars that help entrepreneurs adapt to the pandemic, and #HelpBounceBack is for those seeking to receive or provide support and aid.

Bounce Back PH Restaurants

Number of Members: 3,500

This is the F&B version of Bounce Back PH. You can buy, sell, and promote, but all within the food and beverage industry. There are also several members who send articles and webinars that can give viewers more information on running an F&B business, some even showcase how they’re using their business to give back to our frontliners.

Let’s Eat Pare

Number of Members: 202,400

At first, it was created for Filipino netizens to literally share what they were, well, eating for the day. Their use, however, shifted in light of COVID-19. Now it is occasionally as a platform by online businesses to support each other and promote their products. A lot of these products and photos showcase a wide variety of food (from raw ingredients to fully-made dishes). So even if you’re taking a break from selling, you’ll find a non-exhaustive list of products that you yourself can enjoy — just by looking at them.

The Facebook Marketplace (yes, the whole ecosystem)

Number of Members: Varies (ranges from 25,000 to 126,000)

Pasig, Mandaluyong, Taguig, Marikina, and many more. Search any city and put the word “Marketplace” at the end, and you’ll find tons of Facebook groups dedicated to buying and selling. Most of them don’t have many requirements and accept a wide range of products. So from selling your old clothes to your new concoction straight from the kitchen, you’ll find a way to sell it to people in your area.

These times can definitely be tough, but we can get through them! ‘Hope this helps you ignite or hone your entrepreneurial spirit.

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