We are in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution. Companies now value people skills, soft skills, and technological skills. As career women, gaining access to knowing what these specific skills are and where to learn them can make or break the progress of our work lives. Courtesy of The Scoop Asia, here’s your guide to the high demand skills of 2020.

Technological Skills

Your grade school-level knowledge of Microsoft Office and maybe Photoshop can only get you so far. Nowadays, being proficient in UX and UI design,  blockchain, and cloud computing are skills that huge companies are looking for in their applicants. While this requires more knowledge on computers than the average user, online courses and online magazines offer a wide range of ways to learn these skills. Girl Genius Magazine is a female-run online publication that holds webinars and publicizes graphics centered around women in STEAM (their version of STEM).

Data Science

This is the age of data. With the rise of social media, digital marketing, and digital advertising, analytical skills have both soft and hard aspects to it. The ability to acquire data, draw inferences from the set, and use it to make marketing material and products more palatable to your target audience is a new tool companies have in their box. This may be similar to your data commentary lessons in research (but more extreme). If you’re starting from scratch, there are tons of online classes for this. You can also check your university and see if they have programs for it!

Soft Skills

Emotional intelligence, cooperation, critical thinking, and many more. Companies have finally realized that soft skills are the foundation of hard skills and processes. These skills manifest in different ways. Some are verbal, like being great at giving presentations and communicating your thoughts. Some are theoretical, which include creativity and critical thinking. Some are relational, like being empathetic and cooperative to your colleagues. Most soft skills are not easily taught by a class or a course; rather, you are the best teacher and your life is the best course. A good amount of self-awareness is what will help you identify which soft skills you lack and work from there.

Today’s job market is competitive, and the skills that it values change like the weather. Remember: don’t be afraid. As a career woman, remember that you are strong, capable, and intelligent enough to adapt to and excel at any new skill and challenge that comes your way! Last tip from us: in between beefing up your resume and branding for your next job application, don’t forget to take a break from all of the stress too. Go get ‘em, girl!

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