This March, women all around the world unite to celebrate womanhood and all of its glory.  The commemoration has been part of history since the ’80s, made to honor the role of the ladies in the past. Women’s Month has always been an avenue to promote and strengthen the protection of females when it comes to discrimination and violence. Ergo, we listed a quick guide to laws protecting us, girls under the 1987 Philippine Constitution: 

NOPE, SEXUAL FAVOR IS NOT THE KEY FOR PROMOTION. Don’t be afraid to refuse any sexual favors from your bosses just because you are terrified of losing your job. Any sexual attempt from the people higher than you that will affect your employment status can be considered as an act of sexual harassment. If you experience one you can always file a case under RA 7877 or what we call, Anti-Sexual Harassment Act of 1995. 

NO MEANS NO! Any sexual act done without your consent is rape. Whether you are under the influence of alcohol or even if it is your husband, as long as you did not give any man permission to engage with you sexually, then it is rape. So, don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself because you are protected by RA 8353 or the Anti-Rape Law of 1997. 

I AM A WOMAN AND I CAN DO WHAT A MAN CAN DO. Don’t let your gender be the reason you can’t get that promotion or that increase. Lady, you are more powerful than you think, we are in an era where any job that men do, women can do. Work hard and prove them wrong but if any work decision made solely because of your gender, then fight-because you are protected by RA 6725 or the Prohibition on Discrimination Against Women. 

PHILIPPINE DEVELOPMENT SHOULD BE GENDER-NEUTRAL. Part of our right is to continue to pursue a gender-neutral development of our country. Meaning, part of the nation’s progress should be equally open opportunities for both sexes. In addition, it is also our responsibility to make sure that our government creates a safe environment for us, free from violence and discrimination, especially for the marginalized Filipino women. 

More than anything, let’s honor women and their contribution to our country and history. Let this be the month where women support women and ladies inspire ladies. This is the time we need to stand up for each other and spread love instead of envy. 
Therefore, in observance of Women’s Month this year and in support of the Philippine Commission on Women’s theme –  “We Make Change Work for Women”, we are launching a campaign entitled “EMPOW-HER”, which aims to strengthen the Filipino women empowerment and uplift ladies through our digital content. As a brand powered by women, we strongly believe that as long as the place we lived in still doesn’t guarantee a safe and healthy environment for us then, the fight for our rights and equality still lives on.

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