If there’s an Oscar Award for being the Most Career-Driven you would most likely get it. It is in your nature to be extremely dynamic and energetic and you focus these energies by constantly keeping yourself busy with work and career. 


The Most Supportive Award goes to Taurus, as you have always been there for everyone if they needed assistance and you have offered your hands to help many times. It is very ideal for you to spread generosity because of your kind and reliable personality. 


You are always the highlight of any event, it is completely natural for you to take the center stage and make any party fun and energetic. You never fail to give everyone a good show, so the Oscar Award for always being The Life of The Party is only for you Gemini. 


You have always been passionate about the things you love and like whether it is in your career or personal life, you always manage to make it happen by working hard. If there is a perfect award for you that would be the Most Determined of The Year. 


It’s innate to you, Leos to be caring especially when it comes to your family. If there’s an Oscar Award for you that would be the Most Protective Person. You always come in defense for your family or the people you truly care about, you never fail to protect them in any way that you know. 


The award for the Most Logical and Practical goes to Virgo! Because of your good critical thinking skills, you have achieved the phase in your life where you are more independent and successful ever. You are known for being too meticulous but this is always backed up by your great reasoning. 


Since Libras are a natural peacemaker, your inborn talent for diplomacy and resolving conflicts makes you the perfect fit to receive the award for the Best Mediator. It is no secret that your skills of blending make it easy for you to have a way to harmonize every situation. 


The Most Emotional Award goes to you Scorpios. Although this can be translated as a bad trait for you, this is also what a lot of people love about you. You don’t fear to show the true feelings that you have inside which makes you authentic and true for them. You are passionate about your relationship with your family and friends which makes you feel more whenever there is a bit of misunderstanding. 


Your endless drive for adventure and exploration leads you to have the award for being Most Outgoing of All Time. Your continuous search for travels and escapades makes you widen your horizons. You are never scared to try something new and you show no fear about any change.


The Goal Setter of The Year award goes to….. Capricorn! You have always been serious about achieving your goals from the very start and your extreme love following your exquisite guidelines and rules has led you to your many achievements. Some will say you can be way too achiever but you little they do know that once you set your mind and soul in it there is no turning back. 


This year’s High Maintenance Award goes to Aquarius. You might see this as a negative trait but in reality, this is actually a great practice of self-love and self-worth. You know what you want and you have a set of expectations from people and that is okay. Because this means that you know exactly what you deserve and anything less than it is not welcome in your doorsteps. 


You have been hiding a lot of your emotions lately Pisces, and it is in your nature to lock them away deep inside. That’s why the award for The Great Pretender for this year is for you. It is bred in your bone to hide your emotions and problems away rather than facing them and although it may not be typical for everyone as long as it works for you then you don’t want to talk about it.

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