The Scoop Asia was first established in 2017, with a clear vision in mind to be one of many brands that honor and celebrate women through its digital content. Since then, we have devoted our platform to inspire ladies and created it as an avenue for them to promote women’s passion. In celebration of Women’s Month this March, The Scoop Asia launches #EmpowHER – a campaign that focuses on women empowerment for girls, ladies, and women of all ages, races and social standing. 

In line with this, we are giving away a set of merchandise – from tote bags, tees to bucket hats – this is in support of our #EmpowHER campaign. The illustration represents women’s strength and signifies our strong passion for uplifting each other. Being a brand that is powered by women, it is important for us to encourage the ladies to embody equality.

Included in the release is another tote bag design that has an artwork that symbolizes self-love. We recognize promoting body positivity, loving yourself as a woman and whatever comes with it.

In addition to the merch line, The Scoop Asia’s icon is printed in tees and bucket hats. This symbolizes Scoop Asia as a brand and the platform we use to spread ideas and information that we believe would be helpful and entertaining for our audience especially to women.

Mark your calendars as we will be dropping these on March 1, 2020 for giveaway! What do you think about these? Drop us a feedback by sending us an email at

This is only the first out of many things we have planned for this year, so make sure you are tuned to our social media accounts – @TheScoopAsia to keep you posted about our latest updates. 

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