It has been a norm for every couple to have a well-planned date or at least have a date every 14th of February. That’s why a lot of people put pressure on themselves to find a partner during this time. But this love month can be also for all the single ladies out there who are still in the process of finding their love. Here are a few things you can do to make your Valentine’s Day memorable.

Have A Fancy Dinner

It is nice to treat yourself to a good meal once in a while and why not do this on Valentine’s Day. Date yourself and don’t let the awkward eyes stop you from eating alone in a fancy restaurant you have been dreaming of. 

Watch A Movie 

The list of romantic movies for this month is long and you are probably planning to watch it with someone but if you can’t, do yourself a favor dear and go on! It is also nice to sit in a cinema alone. Sit back, relax and enjoy the film.

Go For A Road Trip

Get your keys and hit the road! Long drives are often the best cure for boredom. Drive to your safe place, whether a beach trip or perhaps a place where the city lights meet the stars. This can give you a new perspective in life and a quick escape from the hustle of the city.


January had been a roller coaster ride for many, a lot of things happened last month. Why not spend this day offering an extra hand on the people who have been affected by the calamity. Clean up drive, repacking or helping out in the hospitals, in this way you are still being productive. 

Pamper Yourself

Make yourself feel loved this day. Perhaps you can go to your favorite salon and have your hair and nails done or perhaps a good whole-body massage to release all the tension you have for the past couple of weeks. 

Go For A Hike

Get lost in the wilderness of the mountains. Hiking can be a new activity you enjoy doing alone. There are a lot of hiking trips offered by travel agencies that let you hike with a group of strangers. This lets you expand your horizons and also can give a whole new adrenaline rush for life. 

Binge Watch

If you are not the type who enjoys the outside world, you might be interested in laying on your couch, get your favorite blanket and binge-watch. We know you have saved a lot of series, you have been meaning to watch but didn’t have the time to because of work. Now is the perfect time for that. 

Make this day your Me Time

A lot of single ladies are scared to go out alone but having alone time isn’t bad at all. Valentine’s day can be the day for you to relax and release some stress. Take time for self-care, it must come first more than anything else. You have to bear in mind that being alone does not mean you are lonely. Let this Me Time of yours be the time for you to recreate and to know yourself better. 

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