The non-profit community interest company Atelier Aquatic will organize an event entitled Art on Barton happening in San Vicente, Palawan on December 10 – 30, 2019. It will feature art education workshops and marine murals; as well as education and sustainable turtle tourism workshop. 

The event is the first collaborative effort made by the World Wildlife Fund; Department of Environment and Natural Resources; Sculpt The Future Foundation; Town of San Vicente, Palawan; Western Philippines University; The Overlook; and in partnership with Inaladelan Island Resort alongside The Scoop Asia as the media partner. These international and local groups unite to raise awareness about turtle education and conservation.

There will be a series of free activities that will be conducted for the public like; Education And Sustainable Turtle Tourism Workshop by DENR, WWF and Be Green NGO on December 10 – 11, 2019; Art Education Workshops and Marine Murals on December 12, 2019; local and international artists will work together to create public art around Port Barton on December 13-30, 2019. 

Art on Barton is part of the Atelier Aquatic project that supports and follows the United Nations’ 14th Sustainable Development Goal, “Life Below Water.” The project focuses on bringing awareness and education to the people in the town of San Vicente about turtle conservation in Port Barton Marine Park. Being consists of Artists, Community Engagement workers, Marine biologists, Tourism specialists and Conservation professionals from all over the world, the organization has been utilizing creative solutions for its marine life education and conservation advocacy. Aside from San Vicente, Palawan, it also has an on-going project in Bristol, UK. For more information and updates you can visit Atelier Aquatic.

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