“None of the MSO musicians can understand or speak Chinese, and many of the Chinese musicians we are working with can’t understand Filipino or even English. But through music, we can communicate and make something beautiful together. With our common humanity, we can build a harmonious relationship based on the universal language of music that our two countries share.” — Jeffrey Solares, Manila Symphony Orchestra Executive Director.

Members of the Manila Symphony Orchestra brought music to Shenyang, China last June 19, 2019, for the performances taking part in the Hunhe River Symphony Art Festival. The event has been a wonderful tool for bringing attention and harmony between the Philippines and China amidst the tension and strain happening with our recent political climate today.

Many people see it as a small opening and celebration to unite one another. For a moment we forget about the flawed relationship between the two countries and we are bonded through harmony played by the symphony. “It is not about domination or power struggle of who is stronger or bigger, richer or poorer. If we use art and music, we have an opportunity to explore human ways to relate to one another as nations, as peoples,” Solares explained.

The festival seeks to promote cultural exchange and understanding among Asian countries. Manila Symphony Orchestra’s performance in China composed of their 64 incredibly talented award-winning members. Surprisingly, they also did an outdoor concert held at the Forest Park last June 19 in celebration of our national hero, Jose Rizal’s birth anniversary.

MSO’s visit to China has drawn huge media interest highlighting their particular performance playing alongside the Shenyang Symphony Orchestra at the Shenjing Grand Hall last June 22, 2019. “The section must sound like one instrument. We must all breathe together and have a strong connection from the first stand up to the last stand.” Playing together as one overall was the aim of a hopeful relationship between the two nations.

The symphony was warmly accommodated and people enjoyed their presence. We are immensely proud of our fellow Filipino musicians sharing their talents and bringing inspiration. We can’t wait to see and hear more of our music performed globally because we have so much to offer.

For updates, Make sure you follow them at http://www.manilasymphony.com/,  visit their Facebook page or email info@manilasymphony.com.

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