At this age and time, gone are the days people meet randomly outside and an instant love story is made. Do you know where the modern dating scene is? It’s online. It’s tricky (sometimes a sketchy) business and from a ton of variety to choose from things get really overwhelming. Where to begin?

We’re here to help you figure out which amongst the popular ones — Facebook, Tinder, and Bumble are worth your home screen and space.

1. Profile & Inclusivity

Remember slambooks? Well, we’ve been trained early in prep for dating apps. This helps your potential matches and while all have your photo, name, age visible, there’s other stuff here which may or not float your boat.

  • Facebook Dating: Gender options range from woman, trans and non-binary. Might be a few yet still inclusive of other users which are good. Otherwise, you can opt not to have it visible.
  • Tinder: LACKS inclusivity! Can you believe there’s only woman or man to choose from? Caters more to straight people but on a fun side, you can connect your Snapchat, Instagram, and Spotify.
  • Bumble: Mix of Facebook with gender identifications and MUCH wider from asexual, bi, fluid, queer, pans and more. Bit of Tinder with IG and Spotify. Their own twist? Making profile prompts!

2. Preference & Diversity

Your “type?” More like who’s within your reach. Dating location plays a large role showing the pool you have in your area. Pretty limiting but worry not! Distance and age range can still be adjusted from your own liking.

  • Facebook Dating: You’re free to pick which genders you’re keen for or better yet be open to any! PLUS you can settle for your ideal religion, height, etc. Feeling brave? Share and let friends know!
  • Tinder: Again, it’s absolute wack. You’re stuck with heteros: men and women. In hindsight, they get the largest pool of people of all three.
  • Bumble: Such diversity from picking interest between ALL genders! It also matches you to the rest of whom similar to your choice. Easy peasy!

3. Choices & Control

How do I match with people? Ugh, I accidentally passed on a potential! Should I message them first? Should I just wait? How does this work?

  • Facebook Dating: We ain’t swiping left and right, instead you click “like” or “no, thanks!” There’s always a second look if in doubt and you’re posted if somebody fancies you. Pause matches anytime too!
  • Tinder: The classic swipe left if nope and right if yas! Even guarantees one super like daily. There are a lot more users here so choose wisely. Not much restrictions so make sure to stay cautious (catfish….)
  • Bumble: More restricted. Ladies make first moves! Women get the advantage for only 24 hours to start a conversation with matches (one extension daily exists). Filters out your queue a lot for convenience.

4. Special Features

Everyone seems quite similar you think? Here’s what sets them all apart…

  • Facebook Dating: You don’t just match with people from your area, you can also see people from “Facebook Events” you’ve been to or interested in; 2. “Facebook Groups” you’re a member of and the exciting 3. “Secret Crushes” from your personal Facebook friends!
  • Tinder: Perhaps group dates is your vibe? Match with a group of friends! Get to know squads and hang out together. There’s a ton of perks with premium users but that needs $$$ so…
  • Bumble: You’re looking for someone special? They have a “Dating,” pool all for you. Want to gain new friends? They got you covered with the “BFF,” hive. Expanding your professional circle? They just launched a “Business,” section y’all! Have you made up your mind?

So, are you ready to find your match? Of course, each to their own at the end of the day. The majority that prefers Tinder mainly likes the volume. In truth, you will find more people there than any other app or site. Tinder is also great when traveling since almost every city or town, there are always users around.

Meanwhile, Bumble provides you with more ice breaker questions to help spark a conversation or find a common interest. A lot says the quality of people seems to be less grimy than the former. Women especially loved the power to choose who they talk to. It gets exhausting getting cornered by unsolicited DMs after all.

And for the newest addition in the scene, Facebook is not an endless cycle of swiping like the first two. It’s more casual with the whole interface of the social media app and it’s beneficial to see people from the same events or groups you’ve involved at right away because this helps to know things in common right from the get-go.

Pro-tip! Privacy and safety remain the top priority here so if you make a match, PLEASE commence an Instagram, Twitter or Facebook stalking to learn more about them. Go meet up on a public space for first dates or sometimes, even bring a friend along — at least that’s what others do. Stay safe and happy swiping!

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