We’re close to wrapping up the peak of the summer here (although let’s face it’s kind of all year ’round) but it’s getting cooler out with the rain and monsoon coming in. It’s not news that the next couple of months is the most popular time for it and when it’s cold or rainy outside we are much more likely to want to stay indoors. It’s bed weather after all.

What happens to our social life with friends and romantic state with our partners at this stage you ask? There are so many fun cozy date options you can still arrange and do. While going out sounds a lot more your go-to, sometimes, an indoor or at-home dates can be even better. You don’t want to get rained on or experience the hassle of traffic for sure. So switch it this time. Here are some suggestions you can play around with:

Video Game Night

You’re in luck if either of you two is into video games because this is in your favor. Get your banters ready and have a game night with your partner. Turn that PS4 on or Nintendo Switch and go forth choose your fighter. If this doesn’t float your boat, play board games. Challenge each other and make consequences and prizes for the loser and winner.

Cooking Challenge

If you are feeling competitive and you bond with food a lot, challenge your partner to a cook-off! Doesn’t matter if neither aren’t good in the kitchen, that makes it more exciting. So instead of ordering take-outs, spend some quality time here. Start practicing, show off your skills and risk messing it up. Make their favorite meal and pop a bottle of wine on the side.

Catch some local gigs

If music and shows are your vibes, catch the nearest possible gig around your area. That way you still get to go out and mingle with people at a bar or pub, have some drinks and catch a couple of band sessions playing. Should you want to level it up, there’s always comedy events not to mention drag shows which are becoming a common occurrence now.

Netflix & Chill

Save your money for that overpriced cinema and instead, turn your room into your own personal theater. Bring in some fairy lights, make a fort, thrown in buttered popcorn and grab some ice cream from your next door snack store while you catch up on Game of Thrones or rather pick a soppy rom-com movie for the night. Honestly, this never gets old.

Massage and mask together

This is so underrated and we demand you try it once in a while with your partners. You’ll thank us how relaxing this would be for both of you. Take turns on massaging each other, have a nice bath and put on those cleansing, moisturizing masks while watching funny, dumb, cute videos together on YouTube. Make tea or coffee as well to complete the set!

These are only a few top options you can pick from but there’s also escape room & arcades, karaoke nights, bowling or ice skating, art galleries, and museums too. Get creative at this time of year! Overall, any time spent with your significant other is what matters at the end of the day. Follow us on Instagram for more tips, ideas, and guides.


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