And just like that, Game of Thrones finally bowed out! Predictions are all done and finished. The success of the hit TV series occupied all the trending pages worldwide. People stayed up late and woke up early (timezones, right?) and we know it has been a roller coaster of emotions but to shed light amongst this journey every #GOT fans had to endure, let’s see the top jokes and gags Twitter have garnered shall we? Spoiler alert, ladies & gents!

Girl ain’t the only one who attacked this hard!

Even the most important lords need to stay hydrated.

King Bran the Broken coming hot in the second trending topic!

When you do nothing and still get and A+, Bran relates.

Honestly, #GOT is just the deadlier version of trip to Jerusalem?

Everyone cancelling their HBO subscription after tonight…

Trending on 4th place, we had a lot of feels for Drogon!

People had a lot to say on Sansa’s coronation, Queen of the North.

Everyone: Wait, hold on, WHAT that was an option?

This alone should have been enough to earn Sansa the throne.

Meanwhile, Arya pulls a Christopher fucking Columbus everyone.

Nailed this visual representation!

Jon and precious Ghost, the reunion y’all asked for.

Let’s all remember and honor Hodor, always.


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