Like so many seaside hotels around the province of Palawan, Sophia’s Garden Resort always had something reassuringly different and solid about it. This quaint place only a few minutes away from the town proper of Coron is the ideal bed and breakfast destination you’re searching for that upcoming weekend staycation. Visitors, mostly families, and couples describe it as a warm, calm place, free-spirited, open-minded and curiously separate from the buzz around town.

Following the formula of relaxing and comfortable accommodation, the property shows off an old fashion meets a modern mix of Spanish and Filipino inspired interiors and designs built and made personally by the family owners exuding that homey vibe for your retreat. It’s humble, functional and familiar.

The picturesque garden and resort cover deluxe rooms, cool and refreshments bar, restaurant, an expansive multi-colored swimming pools with jacuzzi, a magnificent garden, souvenir shop and more all facilitated by a group of friendly staff to cater and attend on all your needs. In addition, they offer massage and pick-up services making your stay more smooth and at ease. Here, wifi or signal isn’t the best which allows everyone to disconnect and take in the quiet and calm more.

Waking up to Sophia’s serving food, breakfast, or snacks and cocktails by the pool freshly made from the resort makes everything even more dreamy for honeymooners. The hotel itself gives a nod to a place of comfort, solitude, and familiarity. Situated less than an hour from the airport, and nearby town and port for island tours,  it looks as if a staycation in here could soon become a weekend treat, the risk of a long-haul splurge.

The resort has opened its arms wide to foreign tourists and locals to experience the elegance of Coron. This is a space made for that soft, quiet spot to savor memories, to strengthen relationships and serves as a retreat after your respective island wanderings. Don’t bother with other luxury or fancy ones lined-up all over,  it’s better at Sophia’s and besides, the smaller places better capture the town’s hidden charms. There’s something more rustic, and romantic.

Here, they don’t scream for attention. You are free to explore, find, and appreciate its little gems. Sophia’s Garden Resort offers you an authentically relaxing staycation for the weekend where you can grasp the undemanding and underrated. There are no groundbreaking encounters but only just for you to enjoy the quiet simplicity of time well and satisfyingly spent in this rest house.

Experience Palawan in Sophia’s from rates ranging as low as P3,000 to P8,000 depending on your room selection and promos, discounts available. For more information, contact and bookings, visit their Facebook, Instagram, and Website. Book now!

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