It’s that time of the year our feeds are once again filled with all summer holidays posts and while all these make us want to leave and book that trip, there are many reasons why some of us can’t spend our summertime outdoors. For some, summer plans mean ordering that Chinese or pizza take outs, stacking up gallons of ice creams (and wine) in your grocery, inviting your friends in and altogether binge in a four-cornered familiar space that is your home.

And that is totally valid and normal to do so! Hosting game, brunch, dinner or movie nights this summer break fits in the bill. So if you’re one to break away from the scorching summer heat and crowd then this is for you. This is the perfect season and a great time to catch up on shows you might have missed because life and work happened. Of course, we already know you’re up to date with Game of Thrones or RuPaul’s Drag Race, maybe Queer Eye because isn’t that what everyone’s talking about?

So what else should you check out this season? Here are our top 3 suggestions for the must-watch Netflix films from new releases, underrated ones and more.

Someone Great – Romantic, Comedy

For the ones dealing with the aftermath of a break-up or healing a broken heart here comes Netflix’s newest hit show meant to stand by you! First of all, this isn’t your typical white girl flick because it’s starring none other than Gina Rodriguez and all women of color are cheering for her. This follows a blindsiding break up of a music journalist, Jenny (Gina) bracing for a new beginning and one last adventure with her best friends.

This unapologetically, messy aftermath of a long-term relationship is the perfect show to watch with your gal pals! The best part? It’s soundtrack! This hits hard blasting Lorde, Frank Ocean, Mitski, Robyn, Selena and more. Prepare all your booze, chips and joints and enjoy this heart-touching-wrenching film!

Unicorn Store – Heartfelt, Quirky

For all dreamers and artists, misfits sailing through life and thinks differently, this will feed your soul. Brie Larson’s directorial debut at Unicorn Store shares the spotlight to all women, millennials, young adults that don’t fit the box of our mediocre society. She may not have powers here but she sure did still showed us a modern-day heroine tale telling Kit’s (Brie) journey after failing out of art school and taking an office job, fulfill her lifelong dream.

Of course, everything holds a metaphor yet behind this whimsical, colorful, abstract aesthetics of the show hides the lessons of personal growth, relationships, self-love, care, and value. If you’ve had that moment of wondering what the hell you’re doing then this hits too close. It’s humble and heartfelt.

Set It Up – Witty, Romantic

For us all working class out here, those whose life almost only revolves around their career and overtimes we can’t pass up on Set It Up’s most relatable plot. While this might mirror a situation you were or is still in, this show won’t stress you out but rather give a pleasant, romantic vibes all the way through.

After all, it’s Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell paired up as two overworked assistants tricking their workaholic bosses (shouts to girl boss Lucy Liu!) into falling in love enable to have a break from their offices (which backfired and it’s for you to find out how). Packed with witty banters, career woes and all — this is an easy, kindred, amusing watch. Oh and Netflix teased a sequel so get in this train and let’s all wait what will happen next.

I could go on further with the list so as a treat I’ll leave you with a couple of honorable mentions of good series to check out on: animated Tuca And Bertie, mockumentary I Think You Should Leave, the existentialism of The Good Place and the iconic Brooklyn Nine-Nne. Happy binging!

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