About time to book your flight for Palawan’s one of a kind beach festival!

The island of Puerto Princesa, Palawan is probably one of the places that pop up in your head when planning for a summer get-away. Though it covers land, air, perhaps even water travel to get in the province, there are all things exceptional and worth going to about it.

This season if you’re looking for a retreat that covers action and relaxation there’s Summer Fair made for you. Happening at Kamia Bay Resort this 28th of April for #AlohaPalawan, this event uniquely underscores your ideal break combining the classics of relaxing on the white sand, swimming in the warm ocean and of course, there’s more!

Summer Fair exudes a local Coachella festival vibes fronting your tropical outfits soaked in the sun except your mainstage is the aqua park playground and you’re the performer braving a 40-ft giant slide. Scoring other challenges like Paddle Boarding across the lake and hiking through their Eco Trail, this occasion requires you pumped up and high all day long.

Kamia Bay Resort also puts equal emphasis on nature and culture. The entire fair offers a variety of homegrown refreshments, with a packed booth for ice creams, street foods and milk teas keeping everyone in spirit plus everything DIY at the face painting and hair braiding corners.

For sure, there’s a lot more happening here but merely hanging around this magnificent resort in Palawan is already a win! There’s so much time to wander around so take advantage of the glistening landscape.

This sounds a lot to take in, but isn’t that the point? Kamia Bay’s Summer Fair runs the whole day, more than enough time to explore its packed line-up of events and challenges. By completing all activities, you’ll even get in the raffle for a chance to win roundtrip tickets to any domestic destinations of your choice brought by Air Asia. Another adventure awaits!

In the Philippines where summer events are fast becoming the norm, this stands out as one of the few built around authentic, holistic experience. The beauty of Palawan lies in the quiet glimpses of how its people enjoy the moments around. Have fun, fall in love and just enjoy a long weekend out of the city.

Summer Fair by Kamia Bay Resort runs on April 28, 2019, under #AlohaPalawan. Visit their social media to scroll through all the stuff they have planned. Get tickets at Hue Hotel, SM Puerto Princesa and Kamia Bay Resort. You don’t wanna miss this!

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