Let’s be real, living in the city is really quite difficult. From the troublesome commute, the dreadful traffic, and the pollution everywhere – you need a safe haven to get away from it all. For some it’s a coffee shop, others it’s school, but for many it’s the comfort of their own home. However, that comes with a different debacle, as more and more individuals seek better opportunities in the city, housing becomes less and less accessible, especially for young people.

MyTown is trying to change all that. It aims to be the millennial’s partner in living in the city with its state of the art facilities, proven track record in housing solutions, and budget friendly accommodations. Along with this, it prides itself on being in premier locations near central business districts in the metro. What sets MyTown apart is that it understands that for the younger generation, home isn’t just a place for sleep. Home, for them, is a place that can sustain their lifestyle; whether it be studying, exercising, or just connecting with other individuals.

Photo courtesy of MyTown’s Instagram account

Recently, MyTown just launched its newest development called MyTown Auckland. Located in the heart of Makati City, it boasts a 326 bed dormitory, outdoor yoga area, outdoor cinema, roof deck recreational area, and canteen. 

It’s clear that MyTown is in touch with the pulse of youth. They don’t only offer living accommodations, but they also offer avenues for leisure and personal development for that perfect mixture of work-life balance.

To learn more about MyTown you may visit their social media accounts, as well as their website below:




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