Environmental consciousness, especially in millenials, has been an ongoing trend for quite some time. From the postings in social media about abstaining from single-use-plastic, to seeing insulated bottles in your local coffee shop – it seems that sustainability has been in most people’s agenda in the recent years.

Beeswax wrap set by LikhaEria

Last October 6-7, Simple: Zero Waste Pop Up Market helped push the conversation forward in discovering new ways to live, shop, and eat more sustainably. Held in Malingap Central Food Hall, Quezon City, it was a gathering eco-friendly brands, zero waste warriors, healthy food products, speakers and makers to help in the pursuit of a more sustainable lifestyle. The event offered package-free personal care products, reusable utensils kits, and healthy, and organic food sold in bulk. The market was accompanied with a series of workshops on zero-waste living, sustainable self-care and consumption, conscious style and ethical fashion, and eco tourism.

Bamboo Accessories by The Bamboo Company

In this day and age sustainability has far surpassed being just a trend, to most it is a lifestyle. With the help of this event, more individuals were exposed to new ways to make everyday life a little more sustainable, and it proved that being environmentally conscious, is frankly, just that simple.


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