You know what’s annoying? Commenters. Especially if it involves your relationship. Some people just don’t understand how annoying their comments are.

1. “Magbebreak din kayo”

inggit ka lang e.

2. “When are you guys having kids?”

Excited much?

3. “Who wears the pants in the relationship?”

That’s none of your business.

4. “Hindi ba kayo nagsasawa sa isa’t isa?”

Sawa na ko sa tanong mo.

5. “Puro ka na jowa e, di mo na kami priority.”

Miss mo lang ako e.

6. “You wish you were single sometimes.”

I honestly don’t.

7. “How long are you two together?”

Pag meron akong 1,000 pesos sa kada tanong na yan, mayaman na ko.

8. “Do you guys ever fight?”

We’re human, of course we do.

9. “Sino hall pass niyo?”

Legit na tanong ba yan?

10. “Kelan kayo ikakasal?”

Ikaw magbabayad ng kasal namin?




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