It’s Ber month season! You know what that means? Pouring rain and chilly weather. Although keeping yourself warm and snug for the upcoming season is something to look forward to, it’s such a hassle keeping yourself dry with the unexpected rainfall. Don’t worry cause we got you covered! Here are rainy essentials that are necessary yet hip at the same time.

Portable Umbrella

Of course, you can never go wrong with an umbrella. It’s the easiest way of covering yourself up from the rain. Why not conquer the drizzle with a heavy duty and stylish one, right?

Recommend: Black Lemon Umbrella

Waterproof Phone Case 

I know it’s such a hassle answering your phone calls or text messages when it’s pouring down with rain. Not to worry because our prayers are answered with waterproof phone cases! Yes, we are ready to take your call, any weather!

Recommend: Otterbox Phone cases

Waterproof Earphones

Do you pretend you’re in a music video while it’s raining? Pretending you’re with your crush, creating kilig scenes or pretending you’re in a bad breakup? Same. Why not give yourself background music while daydreaming? Get yourself waterproof earphones and make that happen!

Recommend: JBL Endurance Drive

Aquazorb Towel

You may never know when the rain is going to pour. Always be prepared with an aquazorb towel to keep yourself dry from the unexpected weather without getting your other belongings wet inside your bag.  

Recommend: Aquazorb towel

Hand Sanitizer

Keep your hands germ free from the virus that is spreading around the stormy weather. You don’t know how dirty rain water is, especially with the garbage that surrounds us.

Recommend: Human Nature Hand Sanitizer

Lip and Cheek Tint 

Who says you can’t stay glam during a rainstorm? A lip and cheek tint is a good pick me up to keep yourself feeling glamourous and prepared to conquer the stormy climate.Get the drunk blush steady and ready!

Recommend: Benetint by Benefit


Photo credit: Benefit’s Official Page 


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